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BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » I LOVE this badbeat!!

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  17-Aug-08, 23:58   #1
I LOVE this badbeat!! 0 
Joined: Jul '08
Location: Germany
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 67
So, for everybody who got sucked out and thinks he / she has seen it all, I saw a stunning badbeat a while ago at everest poker. Want to share it with you to ease your pain when you lose against one or two outers hitting on the river Big Smile .

Button ( shortstack with 8 dollars ) raises to 2, BB calls. Flop: 2h2sKc

BB: Bet 3, button, all in, BB calls : BB shows Kd 3h, button shows 2d 2c

So, Button flopped quads.

Turn: Ks

River: Kh

RUNNER RUNNER quads for K 3. I had to laugh sooo hard. Was no badbeat-jackpot of course. Big Smile

God, I LOVE that one. Blink

  18-Aug-08, 01:00   #2
Joined: Jul '08
Location: Finland
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 12
Actually that same has happened to me a couple of times Big Smile

  18-Aug-08, 02:57   #3
Joined: Feb '08
Location: United States
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 407
Yea it sure would have been nice with a BadBeat Jackpot in place. Whenever I play cash games I always play the games that have badbeat in effect. Ive never been lucky enough to hit one though.

  19-Aug-08, 08:13   #4
Joined: Oct '07
Location: Denmark
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 109
I just got a bad beat last night at NLH cash game.
Had Ac-2Cc and raised to 2xbb on the button.
got 2 callers.
flop 8c-6c-Ah
checked to me - raised 4xbb - got 2 callers.
turn 4c
checked to me - went all in got 1 caller
river 5c
My opponent shows the 7c!!!!!!! 1 outer......

  19-Aug-08, 13:31   #5
Joined: Mar '08
Location: Belgium
Age: 34 (F)
Posts: 64
nice hand!!

I had last week on my poker club:

in hand 33

all-in by utg2 ( 4400chips)
call by SB ( (8000chips left after call)
I call on BB ( 6000chips left after call)


3 10 3

SB check
I go all in SB call

turn: Q
river: nothing...


UTG2 1010 in hand lost with full house
SB QQ lost with full House

BB ( me!! lol) win with four of king 3333! yeaaaaaa

  18-Sep-08, 15:37   #6
Joined: Sep '08
Location: Germany
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 10
nhs, so far..a few weeks ago, i got my first royal flush ever -

Hold KQs in clubs..called a preflop raise, had position.



opponent bets, i called ( no good call, against the odds - but i wanted to see if i get my hand Blink )


nothing..just don't remember..
opponent bets a little more, this time, my odds were good enough to make the call.


The Ace of clubs..

opponent checks, what should i do?

just betting maybe 1/10 of the pot - he raises

reraise and so on - after all, i pushed allin, he called - showdown, he shows AA.

well this guy was REALLY pissed off
Big Smile

  30-Dec-08, 22:14   #7
Joined: Dec '08
Location: Germany
Age: 36 (F)
Posts: 10
so u had a royal flush or just the straight? u just told KQs but are they in clubs too ?
if u had a royal really gratz that hand is so sosoooooooooooooo rare i got it just 1 time in 3 years of playing ;D

  30-Dec-08, 22:28   #8
Joined: Feb '08
Location: Canada
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 79
Posted by jack37:
Yea it sure would have been nice with a BadBeat Jackpot in place. Whenever I play cash games I always play the games that have badbeat in effect. Ive never been lucky enough to hit one though.

It wouldnt have worked. All poker sites I've seen running a badbeat jackpot reduce the number of possible winners by adding some rules in there and 2 of 'em wouldn't have been respected : 1- both players must use their 2 hole cards
2- the worse of the two hands must be a quads of 8 or higher. (quads of 8... why?... dunno but thats the way it is... ) So nobody would have won anything from this badbeat... Sad

BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » I LOVE this badbeat!!

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