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Had this hand and the limp and call of that push by the player before of me shouted that he had AA/KK to me. Could have made some nice buck from it but was my fold a good one for pre flop play or was I an idiot for folding?

#Game No : 684443921
***** 888poker Snap Poker Hand History for Game 684443921 *****
$0.01/$0.02 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Table Astana 6 Max (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: Phisix ( $2.37 )
Seat 2: ydashliv ( $0.85 )
Seat 4: dan8800 ( $10.56 )
Seat 6: player0409 ( $2 )
Seat 7: chett16 ( $6.27 )
Seat 9: Zimavodo4ka ( $5.03 )
ydashliv posts small blind [$0.01]
dan8800 posts big blind [$0.02]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Phisix [ Qs, Qc ]
player0409 folds
chett16 folds
Zimavodo4ka calls [$0.02]
Phisix raises [$0.08]
ydashliv raises [$0.84]
dan8800 folds
Zimavodo4ka calls [$0.83]
Phisix folds
** Dealing flop ** [ 9h, 2d, 2s ]
** Dealing turn ** [ Qh ]
** Dealing river ** [ 3c ]
** Summary **
ydashliv shows [ Jd, Jh ]
Zimavodo4ka shows [ 9c, Ad ]
ydashliv collected [ $1.69 ]

The reraise was very high so very difficult to make a good decision he could have had K K ,A A but some players woud do same raise with A K . I for sur i would not have fold you did not had a very big stack risking it going all in would have been my play. Smile Smile

I don´t think that it was a stupid fold he could have a bigger pair and easedy beat your pocket queens Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
After the hand finish you can say that you must play it more agressive and be bold but this after on the stop for me was the right move Thumbs Up

Best of luck to you at the tables be cool

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

I woulda called without hesitation. On flop id be allin. No brainer for me, im not the most conservative player eather tho lol. Eather way def call or push imo worse case scenario u lose hand and a buyin.

ok first of all, u need to take note that player to get some information about playin statistics.if u see he or she is a passive player i think folding was a good decision for you.dont worry u can catch that player once u spotted guy bluffing Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

It was just NL2. So i guess you read to much out of villains play. Just play your cards properly, and don't bother to much about the stuff the players at that level produce. It is just random.

I forgot to say I only had $3 due to a 888 bonus and I had never played against that player before so I had no information on him, so I was not willing to risk most of my bankroll.

If it was just against the short stack pusher then I was have insta-called straight away.

Hmm. The reraiser could have had anything. Depending on what had gone before, he is short stacked per the table, and could be trying to steal chips, on the basis of the first player limped, you've raised and he is seeing how willing you are to play your raise again. This appears to have been the approach taken by Zimavodo as he has considered his A9 stood a chance against the potential rubbish that Ydashliv had.

You should have been brave and called or gone all in....all in would maybe have pushed out Z.

As it was you chose to protect your stack and not win anything and lose just 8c. The value in the pot makes it a pretty reasonable shove in my opinion. But at least you didn't lose anymore money.

True, but what are we thinking he has when he limps then calls a pot of that magnitude? I know it's 2NL and crazy stuff goes on. Usually short stacks push with AJ+ JJ+ so I would have called but that guy calling that raise after a limp just put me off.

Maybe I was just thinking to much into it but I only had QQ pre, it's not the best hand ever, especially in a three way pot. That said, I was thinking of pushing at the start but chose to fold as just flat calling was out of the question for me.

It depends how that player played before... does he raise often, did he do something like this before, how many time he played a hand... If he did something like this before more than once than its easy call, but if he was tight player than fold is reasonable... Yesterday in MM12 I played agaisnt player that raise almoust evry single hand, and I sow him shove couple of times with mid pair, and bottom pair... I was holding AKs and he raise so I reraised preflop, than he shove... I knw he didnt had AA, so I called... he had QQ, and I was impresed that he got such a strong hand, but hey it was coin flip... Unfortunetly for me there were not A or K on table and I was kicked out.... That put me on tilt little yesterday so I stoped playing poker, and I will continue today Big Smile

its ok theirs a lot of freerolls going on at 888 and u can catch one of those might be first placer ?and tommorow is 20k freeroll so i expect more chances for you Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

It's a NL2 ring game hand, so this is auto-call.
You will se a lot of hands there, sure sometimes you can run into AA or KK - but bad players would most of the time don't overbet the pot when they have them, instead they choose to limp or slowplay them.

Even pocket tens and pocket jacks are call here.

it happens mate sometime when you are in the heat of the action you will fold hands and it will turn out that you had done a mistake, but in general it was not as you made your fold based on the information you had and if you are experience and a winning player most of the time the fold could have been a small mistake but still better a small mistake than to get on the flop and do some more costly play and lose money along the way!

FIRST OF ALL NEVER,NEVER,NEVER doubt your fold... evry fold is right, even if you would won!!!

Posted by StheP:
FIRST OF ALL NEVER,NEVER,NEVER doubt your fold... evry fold is right, even if you would won!!!

lol, what kind of advice is that?
Ofcourse that every fold is not right - this one for example. In the long run you lose profit folding in this spot. You constantly need to analize and improve your game; if you believe that every time you did the best thing then you'll never improve as a poker player. Or as a man in general..

What I want to say is when you made decision to fold, just stick with it, even when you fold winning hand.... sometimes is better to fold than to lose... belive me.... Lot of poker pro players would tell you that is better sometimes to fold a wining hand Blink just few days ago that same thing I heard from alec torelli if you know who he is... Also I heard my statment that I say in previous post... That I didnt made out, but heard from poker pros...

What pro's mean by saying that is that in some spots although you think you might have the best hand it's better to fold - is because you don't have +EV (expected value) to make a call.
In other words you lose money in the long run by making a call in that spot.

While in this spot you lose money in the long run by folding, easy to understand. Blink

Well, saying that you should never doubt your fold is just wrong - i see that that guy you're mentioning stopped playing some serious poker 3-4 years ago... and game evolved so much during these years.

yldashiv had the effective stack with only 0,85 cnts..he wanted to gamble obviously...and hoped maybe for a 3-way pot ...increasing his odds...

Going all-inn with that stacksize[0,85cnt] induces most players to call there ,,seeing this shove as weakness..a confusing steel.

As a result you got confused and folded your stronger hand..

yldashiv thoughtproces: my J-J is too good of a hand to lay down ..probably i get called or outflopped if i play this hand in a normal potbuilding-way so i better shove...expect to lose and maybe triple up,

side-effect : one or even all players might fold and i pick up the small dead money...

i would have definetely stayed in the folding for me there..

ps. i'm back and send my greetings to those who remember me from a couple years ago..
personal greetings to pochiu and rigged place members Big Smile Worship Thumbs Up Big Smile

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