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New poker thread!  +3   
We need more poker thread so i just startof Agree

Bad and good in your poker skills.

Starting with the bad Evil
- I can easily loose focus when i just one a good chump of money, i just start playing loose with my other tables cos i allready won good money.
- Defending my SB/BB cud be better at times.
- Overacting on bankrollmanegement, when 100/150 buyins is just ok i can do the 1000 buyin rule or ever more, basicly just to scared to step up in stakes.
- More bad but dont even know so thats just overbad! Agree

The good things Cool
- Good overacting BRM, which is bad and good, i never go broke Thumbs Up
- Best problably is patience, i can fold 2000 hand in a row if i must.
- Maybe more but not aware Agree

See you guys Cool

My main problem is is stake jumping. Can start the day on 1.50$ mtsngs and end the day on 15$ spins.
i think my best thing is my "dgaf" attitude and never back down mind frame. Not afraid to make big moves and call down bluffs. I play for fun and theres nothing more exciting then ur pair of 3s cracking some maniacs bluff

Nice post btw. Poker related talk will be great here at this "betting" forum will really make it interesting agin

Posted by doomdy:
- Defending my SB/BB cud be better at times.
- Overacting on bankrollmanegement, when 100/150 buyins is just ok i can do the 1000 buyin rule or ever more, basicly just to scared to step up in stakes.

Exactly this for me too. Even though my winrate and net result are excellent, I keep playing the same stakes (also about 1000 buyins). I feel doing well (being a winning player) is more important to me, than the amount of money won. Besides I'd need to win at least 10 times as much for me to consider poker a side income.

Hi talking about poker me i play not much but i still do some silly mistakes like being a calling station when i know i have lost and so on, so hopefully if some body saw my post they will see that it is not worth calling, also limping is one of my other weakness, tends to limp get raised and called and loses equity and the going to do more mistakes post flop, anyway good luck at the tables hope you have fun and make a lot of money mate!

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters Worship

Man what a nice thread doomdy this is the perfect diagnosis for a poker player all the pros and cons are there
Difficult step is to overturn the bad and increse the good but that it´s the "holly grail" of the poker player Confused Confused


Very good post and i think that a lot of peoples could recognize themselves including me in your bad which takes a lot of self discipline to overcome and reading about could be a beginning to make corrections to your play. Thanks for your post. Smile

The ability to see what you do wrong is a skill in itself. A lot of people blame others for their own mistakes. Identifying your own leaks and always being ready to learn/try new ideas is how you get to the top and how you stay on top. So congrats on your auto-criticism and patience, these are very important.

But I'm not gonna tell people my own leaks online... they might use them against me Blink

I noticed a leak in my game tonight!
Try to avoid family pots ouch Sad

i have one big leak in my game- i lose money. no matter what games i play, what time of year i play, how sober i am... kinda big leak imho, that's why i tend to favor freerolls, they kinda let me recover some of the pride lost on the real buy-in tables.

well,u got to many points earn at brm,pokerthreads are very much interesting from those who can simplify poker as math but those u love to play donks and betting any decent hand they should be careful for now .so lets learn and play with skill.

My biggest bad point by FAR is tournament selection... and the most annoying thing is, that I know it yet keep making the same mistakes...

I know that if I exclusively played small to mid buy-ins Multi-Tables with small fields (300 or less) I can make an absolute killing... Yet every time I go looking for the big score in the bigger field tournaments and end up losing my roll to variance. Then I don't have the roll to play the tournaments I will win at. It's so frustrating....

My play itself is very disciplined... but I have to start seeing the bigger picture when it comes to long term results.

Need to be far stricter with myself.

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