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got lucky yesterday  0   
won mob safe price 30dollar yesterday had 50 shots.won that 50 shots by mobcalender. Smile got lucky

this is so sic.right after sending this post.i went and byu another 50 mob shots and quess what happend.i won again after shooting about 30 times difreent codes,then just boom and won again 30 cool is that Smile

Edited by badbeatles (17 June 2015 @ 14:20 GMT)

Nice one bad,hard to hit once nevermind two on the trot,congrats to you... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

wow very nice... You r realy lucky, had you tried playing lotto? O.o

My wish is to hit it with only 10 shots then hit another in the 40 remaining... fingers crossed for the next time I'll try to crack it Club Club Club

good luck Smile

Very nice,it's hard enough winning it once but to do it twice in a row, well that's just great. Worship
Hope you spend it wisely. Big Smile

Cool Dollar Dollar Dollar Cool gonna play poker at stars Smile

Posted by badbeatles:
Cool Dollar Dollar Dollar Cool gonna play poker at stars Smile

That's spending it wisely
Big Smile Thumbs Up


...Nice two in a row dude....!!! Smile Thumbs Up

...I must have been just a few steps behind you earlier today... I checked the calendar,...then in between poker hands slowly made my way through some threads,...then in your's you said you won TWICE,...and I thought I just checked that,.....that couldn't be.... Confused I went back and sure enough...

6/17/2015 badbeatles 344 $30
6/16/2015 badbeatles 260 $30
6/15/2015 vbdsm1988 619 $20
6/14/2015 podrivnik 140 $40

Thumbs Up

Hello all the wonderfull mobsters out there wish you are having a good day

Badbeatles is having not a good day but a good week two times in a row is some sick run Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Sometimes lady luck fancies and good times roll Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Congratulations on your results man hope that you leave something for the other mobsters Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Very nice mate. Was the first crack your first ever, or does this happen to you regularly? I am trying it day in and day out, but I have only managed to crack the safe one time so far. I could not even think of doing it twice on the same day!

hei.this was my first time i crack the safe.but crack it twise was pretty sic Smile i had good start with 50 shot,what i won in mob calender Smile

Congratulations on your safe cracking ability. Smile Not sure if I have seen anyone win two in a row but saying that I would think SKYWINS probably achieved it when he was opening the safe whenever he felt like it. Smile
Good luck with your winnings. Smile

Cheers mate well done keep playing the mob games who knows next time you might go three in a row lol ,anyway congrats mate , keep up the good work , it pays to play the mob games as you can win a lot of mob points which you can then use it to play poker or play sports betting and make more money, cheers good luck and grats again keep up the good work, now im out for a bit got to rest as i got to work for tomorrow!

Well done mate! Smile you are really Lucky!!! Blink cheers!!! another 20$ and cashout!

I have not been able to crack the mobsafe, but i hope soon succeed! Cool

but i cant win another mob games (Mobcalendar and mob draw)
but it should be my problem Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

continued good luck and enjoy your winnings!!!! Dollar Dollar Dollar Smile Smile Smile

and sorry for my very bad english! Big Smile

I think it's amazing you could crack the code with 1000 possible combinations with a three digit code. Congrats to you Thumbs Up

Haha, lucky you! This is all about volume, the more you try the more chances you have to win. Just like Blink But twice in a row that's pretty lucky even with 50 shots!

Have fun playing that free bankroll and GL!! Also, don't forget to say thanks BRM Blink

Hi mate.

First of all congratulations for that achivement.
Second you may have a litle, no, a huge lucky so play in the euromillions or other one lucky game, maybe you will hit for the life.
Third, you now have not only the 5000 points from this wins, but also some other points from the rest and from what you been doing here.
Fourth, use that money that you will cashout in good things.

Enjoy sun and life, keep playing safe.

Posted by TheMachineQC:
Haha, lucky you! This is all about volume, the more you try the more chances you have to win. Blink

That is absolutely true all you need are a lot of mob safe shots to crack it, the more the better. When I won the jackpott I think I have had about 100 shots. And I only cracked the safe with my 70 th or 80 shot. So 50 would not have been enough.

You must be very lucky to win by opening the safe, I never achieved despite trying every day
I try not to think it's a trap game, but sometimes I doubt
Once my son got the winning number, but the box is not opened, the next day with the same number emerged a winner from there I began to suspect that something is not transparent

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