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is anybody having trouble logging in. i keep getting error 102 when i try

i cant log in too, it tells me i type in the wrong password, i tried contacting support still no answer

i just gave it a try and it worked fine for me, it updated and then logged in no problems. maybe you need to go to their site and update their program.
Good Luck. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Thanks guys but its okay now

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Today will be a nerve racking day because my country Portugal has a new law for online betting and poker so some of the sites are living so if there is a glitch the first thought is they are living Aww crap! Aww crap!

So far so good the major houses are still here so let´s wait and see what the future holds Confused Confused

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

I am in the UK the same as doubletop and when I logged on I had to update and afterwards had a few issues with the software so had to delete it all and then download again so maybe there is a little glitch somewhere. Smile

There was planned maintenance on June 24 that updated a number of things including:

Live event tourney display change: Small change to the display of MTT qualifiers for live events for Dusk Till Dawn and WPT in the partypoker lobby – this helps users quickly find the Event they are looking for – we also added Series for ease of use.

Well, well. Party poker is having problems with its client?
How that happened i wonder. They have never had any such problems so far. lol.
At least these are problems that they dont take ages to resolve most of the times.

Last night Party Poker had a Log in problem Sad Thumbs Down
I tried to log in but failed for more than a hour... Angry
Then I had enough and gave up!! Aww crap! Disagree Angry
although I dont understand to computing and network but i think it was some http problem!? Confused

and sorry for my terrible english!! Worship Big Smile Big Smile

Hi me i have no problem for now, i do not know if i can login or not, as i have no party poker and already deleted the client, so cannot know if i can login or not , always had problems with that site so not trying to play on it anymore, anyway i hope it is ok there and you can play on it now and good luck on the site you will need it as ou will always encounter some problems on part poker, cheers im out for now got to eat and watch tv!

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