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Hi all,

I stopped playing pokerstars for a while, cause it was more jokerstars for me. But yesterday I recieved a mail from pokerstars saying I get 15dollar to play when I entered the code CASH4.

I Played a 27cent tournament. It went good and reached rather easy my first final table in a big tournament. After a lot of bad cards, and lost lot of my stack I got AA. No one called. Next hand again AA and same story here. Next hand KK Big Smile again all in and this time one called. He had QQ Smile In 3 hands I was back in the game, currently 3th of 5. Couple hands later there were only 3 left. I was chipleader, but it was close. One Russian didn't want to make a deal. So after a lot of hands I won against him. We were heads up. And made a deal. I was behind in Chips, 2.7M vs 3.7M. Made a deal for 66 - 70. Played furter for the win. And so it happens to win my first tournament Big Smile

Now hope to continue this in the next tournaments.



Many congratulations to you on winning your first tournament. I have only ever won a couple of freeroll tournaments but it does give you a great sense of achievement and congrats to you again on your win

Congratulations, it's always important to win and increase the cashier, even though more money buy-in was free
We must seize the many promotions that are sending their codes Stars PokerStars with free admission $ 10 and $ 15 dollars, especially for players who stopped playing time
Good luck in your upcoming tournaments and continue success Thumbs Up

Many congratulations for winning your first bracelet, hope you will win many much more and be the new rising star!!!

Congratulations for your win of course. Winning the first ever tournament in poker, is on of the
best feelings in this game. Dont get disappointed, if it takes a bit long to reach that spot again.
Besides the fact that the main goal is to win a tournament, a secondary if you like is to reach,
as deep in the money you can.
So as long you are making a profit, it is all good Smile

Congartulation for your first tourney winning! Sometimes it is good to take a break and to try a restart with new motivation- and free money to try it Big Smile And now you have some bucks to build a bankroll or start a personal challenge.

Now you must not repeat past mistakes not to break and get back to dry as an autumn leaf again
Every dollar earned is a new opportunity
If you concentrate, you study a little, play within the limits of your bankroll and accompanies the luck you can get very far with a few dollars
We must have patience and know how to choose good tournaments to play Dollar

I still remember when I won my first tournament on PokerStars two years ago and a week later I won my second becomes Titan
One is very happy with these early successes, after costs remain at the same rate and if one is not mentally well ensue failures
It is important not to play beyond the limit of its banking Dollar

Cheers mate hope this is the start of many more win and good luck hope you do well at the tables and all mate, have fun most of all and also make some good memories out there at the tables , anyway cheers keep up the good work mate and when you have a big win post here and all , cheers mate good luck again at the tables now im out got to go too tired and all and have to get to do some work and all , cheers !

Hi all!

Thanks for the massive support. It was a great feeling to win my first tournament. Like some of you said, i have to be patient in the next tournaments. Try to not make stupid mistakes or moves cause i'm still in that winning mood.
'll try to build my bankroll step by step. On a easy way. Play a few tournament with no big buy-in.

If some of you guys have some tips for my, feel free to tell me that. Hope to improve my game.

Thank again, and hope to see you at the tables. Hopefully at the final table in some tournaments.

Masssive greatings for Belgium,

One of the most important things from now on is that you will remember that it is possible to win a tourney and you only have to know how to make your stack last til the end. Sometimes best hands well played lose for worst hands and we just have to accept it. If you know you are playing it the right way, it will happen more often!

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