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Okay- so I'll explain the hand - it was live - and then ill ask.

18 player tournement final 5, pays out 3. blinds 4000/8000 avg stack 107,000 i'm big stack with 160,000.

I'm big blind. with 23o.

UTG1 short stack shoves to 17600.

Folds to Sb who is playing around 100k calls.

I insta fold. and the table say that was a stupid move?

I understand the value calling the earlier raiser. but in a pot with some one who can bet me off any flop. even if i hit the flop.

Many players are saying that you have to protected your blind but IMO this is not a good way to play it is good to are thinking of not having your blind stolen but with the cards you had and two calls in front of you you did not have much to protec. Smile Smile

23s isnt cards to protect your blind expecialy when SB called... if SB folded, than maybe you should call, but I think also then is better fold than double up UTG1 player...

What can you beat with 23 o good fold i would fold the BB no value with those cards with 20 Big Blinds 2 players left for a cash and big stack GL.

Or u can also call with the SB, and check him down the streets in hope that one of u two takes him out, your odds of hitting the board significantly drop when more people are in the hand, and if the SB gives u post flop action, assuming his not bluffing, trying to push u out of the pot in hope to improve on 4th or 5th street just to take the pot for himself will be a dumb move, coz if he doesn't improve, he would just triple up the short stack, but, that late in the game FT with just 5 players, i think every1 on the table knows about checking down a guy, so in short u shoud have called also the allin from short stack Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

The all in shove was barely more than 1 BB, and the small blind just called. So seeing a flop would not be that much of a problem. The SB is always acting before you, and has the smaller stck, so will net getting to involved unless hitting good himself.

They want you to call the hand down, so the tiny stack has a better chance to bust, and you all get closer to the bubble. This makes sense, since you can afford it.

The other option, if you are really dominating the table, and don't want to burst the bubble yet, but keep steeling the blinds for a while, is to raise the other player out of the pot, in the hope you can make the bubble last as long as possible...

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