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It`s my first post here. Just want to say hello and share this story with you guys

Yesterday evening after work... nothing in TV... so I turn on my PC and going to play some Poker. I would play 1-2 hours, not more. I´m playing Texas Holden NL 0,10
and Limet Holdem 0,25. Online I`m playing about 6 month now and have good and bad days. I`m not sure what kind of day yesterday was LoL

I was looking in the Freerolls section... a 100$ Freeroll will starting soon. I thought" okay... lets do it".

The tournament was starting at 9pm in my time area. (Germany) There were 6193 players in this Freeroll...

The start was okay, not very good, but okay... In the first break after 1 hour I was in the middle of the players field. But there was about 3000 players left over.

Then I lost my internetconnection the first time for 3 minutes.... Arrrrr... okay... it`s a Freeroll, no big thing... but my connection comes back and I was back in action.

After the second break (2hours) 1300 players left and I was under the first 200 places.
I got my cards... K K .... I was in a late position before the button. The first 5 players big chance... now my turne... SORRY YOU LOST YOUR CONNECTION; WE WILL TRY TO RECONNECT.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

3 minutes later my connection comes back, my 2 kings was gone LoL

Then I was on the luck side of the game. After 4 all ins I was under the top 10 players.
Only 800 players left... then the third break. (3hours)
More coffee, more cigarettes...

After the game was starting again I got A Q ... uhhhhhhh.... I was in the first position after the big blind... but I give them a raise... and get 2 reraise... ???
I call and the Flop was bringen me a Q... nice... I raise... and got 2 reraise... DAMN ???

The Turn was bringing A ... yes... I raise...and? Right... I got 2 reraise... ???
I was all in... a J in the river... oh oh... the other two guys was all in too
And... I won Yessssss.... I was first of the 360 players.
What was next?....right SORRY...U LOST YOUR CONNECTION....
My wife was scared after my scram LoL But okay... 3 minutes later I was back in action and on place 7. To the next break (4 hours) there was 100 players left. After 2 more all ins I was first again.

Finale Table (10 player)
6 players left.... and .... BREAK (5 hours)
More coffee, more cigarettes...

After the start I was a lucky guy, only good cards and after 30 minutes I won the 100$ Freeroll after 5,5 hours ?! I was realy tired and it was 2:30 am ... in 5 hour before my work starts LoL

That was the hardest 14,75$ ever...but hey... I will do it again hahaha

Here some screnshots..

Sorry for my bad english,
Big Smile

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congrats man,nice work,thats a hard fought win,nearly 6 hours of poker wth lots of breaks,smashing effort Thumbs Up

At the beggining I wanna say welcome to BRMob Agree To the topic, nice play, I would probably gave up having those connection difficulties, but you definitley worked out for that few Dollar Thumbs up, and wish you more such a happy endings. PS That was one well written story, I like to ready stuff like that, Grats Tongue

Well done!
14$ may not be that much for 6hours of poker, but the achievement of beating 6000+ players must be a very good ego boost Big Smile

Posted by fochizza:
Well done!
14$ may not be that much for 6hours of poker, but the achievement of beating 6000+ players must be a very good ego boost Big Smile

Yeah you can be proud of yourself, I think it is easier to win the lottery then a 6000+ players freeroll. Keep up the good play Thumbs Up

Nice story, bad connection is always bugging. I remeber myself when i was playing WC3, i broke 2 keyboard, while "Waiting for reconnection" was in front of my eyes. lol
Anyway, good job buddy. Good luck in next events. cheers

That is why i dont like to play such huge fields. Countless hours of play for a small win. 100-200 players is a nice format. But i guess the 14 bucks will be enough to pay for the coffee and the cigarettes

It is not about the money. It is about building self confidence that you can do it. I played those giveaways on VC poker with prize pools, here is the fun part, of $5. And I won $1.25 for winning the tournament. ITM finishes around 70%. LOL. blew it all on lotto madness. OK they don`t last 6 hours. Nice work Tatooiz.

Gratz man, a 100$ freeroll with 6000 players...not worth.. Big Smile

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