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Pokerfest, maybe this helps a litte to play cheaper or free  0   
Dear mobbers,

Hope you guys are enjoying and playing as much in pokerfest tournaments as i am and with my eye on buying cheaper pokerfest tickets with my partypoints i feel like i should share this with you guys.
I also enjoy from time to time to do some no thinking gambling and play casino and with that i found out there is a promo on casino where you can get a free card with for as far i got a bonus for casino but also partypoins, i already got 440 points from 3 tickets, those where some free buy ins for me.
I suggest you guys also take a look and try it, everyday one card, just go the site and than there to partycasino and just log in with ya poker acount and go to my acount than promo's and it's called the riddle, sorry guys for not posting it sooner but i was kinda busy Tongue

Welcome to our The Riddle promotion.
What’s small, square, appears in your account every day and could be hiding a free prize worth up to $100 cash?

hope you guys have some luck, may the cards be kind to you Spade Club Heart Diamond Dollar Big Smile Cool Tongue


I play this daily and have never got anything decent at all.

Ironically I just did todays after seeing this post and got 100 points.

I think you must be a good luck charm!

well if that's so, glad to be of service haha Blink Tongue

i already got 200 twice and 40 once and today got a bonus for 50% on top of my deposit to 100 dollar, not much use for that do

sounds great but since spins day on party I got froze on a feature on the slots,contacted them every way and get told the same everytime,cant open slots or casino so missing out on this also,not happy with party right now..... Sad Sad Sad

speak to Colette on uk party facebook page, she gets things solved quickly

I did think about that Ice but thought she only dealt with the poker side of things. live support and emails keep saying it will be sorted soon??/ Tongue they say its a third party software issue???

ahh sucks :/

indeed, and the partycasino software, already explored that option? kinde strange do that you froze on slots and you can't login on casino anymore, can understand you're not happy Aww crap!

well hello there mr. RLipman90 and a big thank your for sharing this information with us humble mobbits. i went to my party poker account, found this promo and took 30 party points reward for my effort. now that is like 30 times more than i have ever had there. i feel like a millionaire already. best of luck at the tables RLipman90.

Thanks for the tip!

I only got a $2 bonus this time, which I forfeited immediately, since I don't want to play any casino games, but I might get some PartyPoints or cash out of it, if I keep trying...

Thanks for telling us about that. I just tried it and got a 75$ Reload Bonus. I'm guessing that's bad cause it seems I could only play casino games with it.

"Release conditions
Wagering = 35 times the sum of bonus and deposit amount on partycasino"

"Valid games
Product: CASINO
Game categories:
Slots, Classic Slots, JackpotSlots, Raffle Jackpot
Channel(s): All"

So I can try that everyday? thanks again.

nice heads up RLip,i got in through the casino app but alas my luck continues"you did not win this time"... if I entered a free draw contest right now id be charged a fee.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

hahaha that's why i am not realy a casino player cause it focusses to much on luckxD good to hear that you could take part of the promo and maybe your luck will turn, last 2 days i got 2 100 dollar reloud bonusses so don't have use for it so my luck is turning also but no sweat it's just a extraxD

the machine. sorry for the late response but busy with pokerfest and all, but yeah every day until it ends.

Promo is great because points are great now when is Pokerfest in PP Points store you can buy tickets for tournaments , for 109$ ticket you must pay only 900 points,for 20$ ticket only 200 points,for 10$ entry 110 points and for 5$ entry only 60 points.Cheap entry into Pokerfest tourneys Smile Thumbs Up
I have 1220 points now so Iam going to spend some points
Worship Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Worship Worship
and IceQueenAce only 10 points more and you can buy entry to 10$ tourney Thumbs Up

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Thanks again! I just won 200 Party Points today. This is a lot easier than generating $100 in rake...

Posted by marqis:
Thanks again! I just won 200 Party Points today. This is a lot easier than generating $100 in rake...

hahahah right?!? Clicking on a button is definelty easier than raking 100$ lol...

I wonder why partypoker makes such nice promotions but hides it on their website? It's pretty weird!! But hey let's not cry about it and take advantage of it Smile I hope I win a big one like this too someday. ^^

Good luck mobsters!! Smile

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