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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially the forum reg. I know the machine but not sure if there are others. I went out when my Q Q it the set of 9 of IQA. So will try again next week.

Hey Pinotte!

Lost a race with AQ suited all in pre flop against the guy who won (he had 99) for the chip lead Sad If I would've won that race, I was pretty much sure to finish top 3 or better. But the what ifs don't count in poker Blink

I saw that IceQueenAce had a pretty big stack at some point but didn't cash. Just like I did last 3 weeks lol. I love small field MTTs, and the structure for this tournament is a bit slow but it's not bad at all. GL next time

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Well done to the machine for at least getting one forum reg into the money,you have been doing very well in the BRM game.A terrible week for regs!I had the lobby open and then just totally forgot to late reg.

i was rubbish.

played well until I sucked out on pinotte then all downhill from there

sorry bud

Seeing a forum regular among the winners is always a nice thing.
Better one than none Smile
It is a regular tournament so you can always say, next time Smile
So good luck to al,l with at least two winners in the next one.

I can't remember if I played or not! If I did then I mist have played my worst game of poker for a million years . Well done to everyone who made the final 20, it's always an achievement to get your name on pinottes page! Well down to the cashers. See y'all next week.

I got lucky for the second week in a row I cashed this week I was lucky enough to cash for $5.50 I eventually lost a flip 88 vs A6 I was short stacked I had to make a play to try to chip up oh well that's poker maybe next week still a descent result though Smile

Hey sammybeyo,welcome to the forum, Smile I am pretty sure that you cash on a very regular basis in the BRM tournament and I think you may have knocked me out on one occasion. Smile
I hope to play this week and I have a feeling that I will win this one. Smile

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