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I requested a 400$ wire transfer payout from Action Poker but they rejected it saying that the minimum wire transfer was 1000$. When I requested the transfer in the AP cashier it said that the minimum transfer was 25$. I mailed back to the support that could not find anywhere on their website that the minimum wire transfer is 1000$. Then I recieved the following mail from support:

Dear member,

Thank you so much for contacting Support.

Allow me to confirm the minimum amount allowed as per Bank Wire Transactions which is $1000. All the information regarding this withdrawal method can be found here:

We also have our 24/7 Live Help Chat Support, ready to assist you with any queries.

Thank you for choosing as your online poker provider.


Philippe Thomas.
ActionPoker Team


I followed the link posted in the mail but still could not find anywhere that the minimum wire transfer is 1000$. I wrote back to support but this time they just ignored me and dit not answer.

Now I have requested a 500$ cashout via NETeller and this is the answer i got:

Dear *****,

Congratulations on your win at ActionPoker.Com!

We are processing your withdrawal request and before we can transfer funds we need to verify your personal information and validate your recent credit card deposits. To do this, we must ask you to send us:
-- a completed ActionTeller Security Form for your Visa ending in **** (form attached),
-- a copy of a picture ID,
-- a copy of the front and back of the credit card,
-- a copy of a utility bill reflecting your name and address.

These documents are requested since deposits to your account were made through your credit card and the withdrawal request is through another method. The documents can be scanned and attached to your reply e-mail or they can be faxed to our attention on 1 866 587 59 78.

Please be assured that all personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Once this information is on file, all future payouts will be processed without delay.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Monica Hartzell
Risk Management
[email protected]

Operations Team


Tell me what you think....I think that is alot of trouble just to get a cashout!!!!

Yes but happens a lot at any pokerroom just security...

A $1000 minimum cashout is really high, but it is only for bankwires I think.
Think a minimum that high should be clearly stated on the withdrawal form!

That You have to send in an ID is usually the case when You request cashout via a method that You havent used to deposit. Many rooms require that, I think it is because of preventing money laundering. Lately Party Poker requested an ID from me because my total payouts had reached $2000+ . Support said that they have to get an ID from every one reaching the $2000 in payouts, due to new regulations.

1000 bucks is really high. But you should not cash out via wire transfer. Your bank will charge you to much. If you are planning to do more online gaming, get yourself at least one e-wallet.

I think it's ok to request a copy of your ID but i think a minimum payout of 1000$ for bank transfer is a way too much... I think this is the only room with such high minimum cashout via wire transfer... Maybe 200$ would be ok. But 1000$?? Come on. And all that stuff to send. That's why i never deposit with credit card, i don't wan't to send a copy of my credit card to anybody. I always use moneybookers or just an express wire transfer. These are the best deposit options for me that helps me prevent from this requests. The only thing i have been requested is a copy of my ID. And that's fair and i don't have any probem with that...

Confused Confused

PS. And that is another reason why i don't play on Action Poker...

Thank you for your reply all.

What about NETeller? Isn't that ok?


yes this iss not the first time a player had had problems with cashing out on action poker.$1000 is way to much for wire transfer.i dont play there,i did when they gave out the tourneey tickets,didnt do well,lost all my hands to junk calls,played a few freerolls and same deal,didnt want to question some of the calls i was getting,just stoppped playing there,was going to make a deposit for BRMs freeroll,but there have been a "few"issues on BRM from players,so dont have much trust in this site,action poker looked like they were helping players,and they were,i said as much,but now all im reading about is players having trouble cahing out.a worry.

Neteller works for me but i think you must first deposit with neteller lese cashout dont work...

So good luck Thumbs Up

oh yes i completely agree with your opinion but i think also that this is only for security reason....Only a little trouble cashing out.....don't worry Blink Blink Blink

Okay thanks Smile

they did it not in order to boring you , but just for security reason !! don't worry , this room began newlly !! : Blink

That sux, I'd say, I mean I never could reach that amount of money.. so ..

Ya, I have a lot of problem cashing out MoneyBookers from Poker sites. First, they want ID, than utility bill, than verify phone number, than I have to wait for them to phone. A real hassle..But I guess I have to do it unless I want to pay a fee to cashout. My bank does wire transfers for free if they are under $50, so I do that sometimes.

Damn that sucks. I always play on PartyPoker and I think the minimum there is like $20 or so. Never had any problems there depositing or withdrawing!

Neteller is pretty expensive isn't it? I've used moneybookers with full tilt, party poker, fortune poker etc. and everything worked fine (and cheap).

This is where Poker stars beauty is. They do security check before you deposit and after that money is in your moneybookers account immediately up to amount you deposited and in next 24hours rest of the money. They are really doing good job there.

Posted by m1rk4:
Neteller is pretty expensive isn't it? I've used moneybookers with full tilt, party poker, fortune poker etc. and everything worked fine (and cheap).

They charge you currency conversion fees and if you should cash out to your bank account. But so does Moneybookers. So it is not so important which e-wallet you use, just have one available.

well i also tryed to withdraw using wire transfer but they told me the minium was 1000$!!!
i am completly disappointed, i play poker long time ago, i play lots off sites, i allways withdraw with wire transfer, i never had problems or restrictions. and now it happens!!! ok, no problem, i won 1000$ so now i can withdraw. but the question is: will i play again there? well, probably no!! because withdraw 1000$ is too high and to hard get 1000$. dear action poker, i really enjoy your site, i was thinking play on action poker every day, be a loyalty player, but with minium 1000" to withdraw is completly impossible for me. i will withdraw every time with wire transfer, so if you do not change that minium i think you will lose lots off players, because like me there are too much people. thanks

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