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Powerball Lottery Winner Squandering $10 Million on ‘Hot Sauce'

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Posted on 15 December 2015 by "T".
When it was announced that it was Marie Holmes who won the Powerball, she touched the hearts of almost everyone in America, declaring how this miraculous win would help her start anew in life with her 4 children. One of her children was unfortunately stricken with cerebral palsy, and of course, it was natural for people to feel happy for a single mother who is in dire need of help. However, some[...]   Read more » Powerball Lottery Winner Squandering $10 Million on ‘Hot Sauce'

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True success story from the good ol' USA. However still can't understand why she couldn't choose the payment in yearly increments form cuz' that would be a true insurance for not making bad decisions with this much sum of cash.

As she said it is her money and she can and will do what she wants with it.....though in this case the saying "a fool and their money are soon parted" comes to mind.
Most winners say lottery wins won't change their life but at least this couple can now afford to pay for their bail.

of course change youre life when u win 10 million dollars , money doesnt bring luck in life , but you dont never have to worrie about a bill that you can not pay, if you win a million and you got no 1 , then u are NOT happy.... Money isn't evry makes you re life easyier........not more and not less

She may be spending a lot on bail money , but you have to remember, as long as he makes all his court dates. after all is said and done, she gets her bail money back. So it's not really money spent, UNLESS he jumps bail. then it's by by money.

The big problem here is the legal fee's, that is what could run into the millions.

Buy in the long run ( not a very long one) this woman will be broke soon.

yeah i second klash here- "a fool and his money are soon parted" that what's came to my mind in a second. well at least we have another hollywood movie in the making "from rags to riches and back to total rags". oddly enough you don't see a lot of stories how someone won the lottery and put the money to good use (invested, started profitable business etc.)

Man I love me some good ole American trailer trash stories!

Helping her children is a must do and an honourable act. Now, keep taking her boyfriend out of jail over and over again, seems very strange. Love can be blind sometimes, but taking the chance to guarantee the future of her sons to save someone who keeps crossing the line, i don't know if that's a good investment...

Man! How I love a gat story about reforming the criminally minded. However, one little thing doesn't seem to fit right with me. So, I love a life of a criminal, doing time for my crime and living in relative poverty, with four kids and a woman to support. Now, the woman I support has $88 million. Why on earth am I still committing crime, when I could use that $88 million (with my beautiful and loving partner) to move away and start a new life for us and the kids (free from the ravages of criminality). Ain't nowt stranger than folk!

Oh yeah? THAT hot sauce?
So addictive!

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