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Here is the link to one documentary which predates Zeitgeist and all the others, it is from 1995 or `96. Documentary is over 3 hours long and it offers little too much details for today`s standards so i suggest you watch it with breaks.

Youtube link:

This documentary offers so many data and it will be really time consuming task to check all the details but i did bother to check one out and it turned out to be true. Part about central banking system and how it works, also statements about plans to create one world central bank step by step is also true. Statement about central banks being out of control and not audited is also true, at least for my country and US, and how the board of directors is elected is also true.

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I saw this "movie" a year ago or so. Scary stuff. Isn't it the one where they mention some plans about some kind of "united nations of america" that would include canada or something? Like with the EU. I can't remember the name of it, but I also googled that and found some wiki articles about it, never heard about it and people I've asked never heard of it either.

Thanks for link. Yes - it is time consuming but worth it in my opinion.

Main story is about US debt and Federal reserves. I don`t remember seeing in this movie anything about NA union, i think it was different documentary. If you thought that one was scary watch this one. It is about entire world not just USA, i remember someone asking who will control it in the end in Zeitgeist thread. This movie could be holding an answer to that question. Even if You don`t want to see anything about conspiracy theory it is a good movie about banking system and how they suck on all of us, it was the main reason i put the link in the thread. There are too many statements in it and events and it is why i could not say that everything is true. I recommend it to all not just US residents. Just one thing, this movie made me search through my country laws to see if this holds up, I found that everything fits the story.

I never heard about this movie. But if is as great as zeitergeist movie i will sure take the time to watch it. Its kind of scary what is happening in the world today.
Come to think about it
Here is a scary tought. What is the main reason for friends to fight?
Im thinking isnt the rest of the world gonna wake up and be pretty mad at USA for starting this chain reaction eith banks going bankrupt. And aren´t russia just a little bit pissed off at the US for taking Georgias side in that conflict.
Ban guns yesterday pls

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Posted by Predobar:
Main story is about US debt and Federal reserves. I don`t remember seeing in this movie anything about NA union, i think it was different documentary.

Ohh, I misunderstood Big Smile I thought it was zeitgeist you were talking about, but I see now that you mean this is older than zeitgeist. In that case, I haven't seen it, but I better see if it's available on DVD or something (better quality).

North American Union - this was what I meant:

Yes there is a better quality, it can be bought directly from site. Tongue

Sounds intresting, like some of the vids you post Predobar, most are like hidden facts that ppl dont want to belive is happining or choose to turn a blid eye, ill be sur to watch this when i get some time.
If we dont here about it it didnt happen right, the us are still hiding the fact that china robbed an oil ship off them and did nothing :}, not gossip etc, fact :}

Dont know anything about that oil ship, any link on youtube or name.

This documentary does not have any DJ music in background or some loud and inciting narrator voice in it. It does not offer any sarcastic comments on topic also but it offers detailed timeline and even if it gets dull watch it till the end.

USA just sucks! the whole goverment is so twisted and all americans i have met are overconfidental,rude and quite stupid.sorry for the usa users in this forum but thats the truth

You might wanna watch it too tormulainen, it is topic which is explained on USA example and US citizens were target group, but this documentary can be applied to all but few states in entire world. That is the strength of this documentary.

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