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The success of the Spin and Go tourneys seems to have inspired Amaya to offer a similar product for sport betting. Spin and Bet. Those follow the same principle. The gambler accepts a lower normal payout for his bet, for the chance to win up to 10 times the amount his bet would have won, when he hits the jackpot. I guess there will be one sure winner with those, the house.

... Big Smile< ...?....Spin and Sweat....Huh...? What was that you said...? Big Smile

... Big Smile< Every time they refer to these games with the word 'Spin',...I picture a toilet flushing...

Tongue< heheee...

lol yeah the house loves games with high variance. It means you go broke more often, and deposit more often. Of course when you win you win bigger, but do you cashout everytime you win... Probably not.

Obviously in the end the house wins (and some lucky few who hit jackpots and cashout right away). This is why I prefer playing poker live with my friends, betting on sports live with friends, with no rake at all. This is what poker was meant to be when it was created. Rake was created by casinos to scam players. Online poker sites copied the idea Blink Being EV+ with "just" a 10% rake is 10 times more difficult, no matter what kind of gambling it is.

IMO rake should be lower than 5%, if it was the case there would be a LOT more winning players cashing out frequently. Do they want that? Probably not lol

Some people may not care, others surely do. If you try to squeeze out some money out of sport betting, every rake, every tax, every fee hurts. It is difficult to try to beat the bookies at their own game, but with additional costs, it is impossible.

It is just another way to encourage gambling.

When I play poker or sports bet, I don't count it as gambling because the odds are in my favour, so long term I will always come out on top. So this is certainly something I would stay away from unless it is part of a +ev promotion (which they do have sometimes, I will keep an eye on it)

Of cause. They are a company, after all, and not a charity. And if a format like this proves popular, they will stick to it, and try to expant it.. Even more so, if that format has a high rake in a short timespan.

well actually i do not see this as any more -ev as it already is... we already pay the rake in the form of spread, and this spin and go promo just cuts 10% from your stake and puts it in a pool from which some dudes win more, some less. but it's not like stars are taking extra rake from that pool collected, so basically they (the company) are getting same juice here.

There you go. Another way taking your money.
Its like, ok you have won, but here is a chance for us to get something back of your winnings Smile

If there are some serious about betting is sports i believe they will stick to their
normal wins. Maybe a couple of tries on it, but not something steady.

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