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Doesn't matter what site you are itm with 13 BB left pick up AK shove against 97 suited and flush hits always getting donked out of the game all luck big sites babysitting the weak player

Sigh. AK may look good preflop, but you can expect to lose a third of the hands, even against complete junk.So nothing to complain here. Just enroll in the next tourney, and try to get not blinded down so low.

Yeah it can be a bit frustrating when someone makes a bad call and gets rewarded for it in this type of situation. Calling a 13BB shove isn't like calling a 3BB shove, that's for sure xD But some players will call with just about anything if they have a stack for it. Shokaku is right about losing 1/3 of the hands though (except the ones where you dominate)

Better luck next time

well without donks in freerolls the freerolls themselves would be gone. donks are the essence of life- they move the world around, they make the stratosphere a cosy place to hangout, they lubricate the crankshafts with their brain juices and so on... donks are vital. high five for donks out there Thumbs Up

Yeah, that is always happen in your unlucky day. 13BB push you to shove, but 97s is reasonable to play it. I wonder how expert handle that situation, just like us ? oups, not my time or they never met situation like that cause they could manage their chip very well since start. is it possible ?

If 97 is bigstack, then you can always count , that they call.
Its just the way it is.
You played right, just unlucky, hope for next time.
And AK is what it is - big hope, but nothing special, if you dont hit.

BankrollMob Forum » Testimonials » Donks in freerolls

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