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How to spin at mobile? Question
On the PC it shows after logging.

I could never play at 888 with my mobile
I hang the user and not even let me enter
Send mail to support 888 and never gave me a solution
The only option I have is to play from the PC in that room

go email for 888 and moderator help you. i play in 888 but pc no mobile. i hate to play in all sites with mobile

Is this an actual problem? Since you can do this in pc, do that there.
Mobile this, mobile that, everyone with a phone on their hands today, where ever you
go. It drives me crazy.
Honestly i miss the times when we didnt have mobile phones.

I spin 2 times a day on mobile go big or go home and lately I can't seem to lose always win tickets your answer is click on the bottom right when the spin banner appears and either click on the gauratee wheel or go big or go wheel good luck.

I had already clicked there but do not know because he had not succeeded.
Now i can spin 2 times everyday Big Smile
Thank you! Worship Thumbs Up

I think u need one of those smart phones but the really expensive ones, or maybe any smartphone will do if u have your settings right, tell u the truth, i really dont know man, i dont have a smart phone, "dont have a smartphone, what age are u living in???" well im one of those a bit older guys who was raised in a time when there were no smartphones or handy`s nothing but a fix land line Big Smile so im a bit old fashioned Big Smile

yup mobile phones are just mobile if are playing just for casual then its just ok,but in serius poker u should use a better gadget for that ,hopefull your games looks pretty fantastic and hope u goodluck ... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Cool Cool Cool Cool

I have not been able to open the spinner on mobile in recent weeks but am not losing sleep over it in the expectation that 888 have a reason for this and will fix it when the time is ready! Good luck to y'all spinning whether you go big or small...... It's all in the wrist action!

888 software is very heavy even from the PC
When I open it, keeping open other soft like PokerStars and Titan, the PC gets me very slow and even sometimes I freeze some hands
888 should review this issue that they have many players, not just me

I find this weird with a proper machine to freeze with a poker software.
And we are not talking about the pkr here which is the worst of them all, in terms of requirements
as they say when you play the 3d.
Maybe you need to do hardware upgrades.

Yep 2 times a day ,but every 12 hours. Ive already won several 10000 Action hero tickets where the 1st prize is 1000$ guarted, still hope to win a 10$ tourny ticket in that spin to play something differnt.

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