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Two new challenges starting today and ending at the end of the month on Stars did the easier one play 100 hands of fixed limit Holden .05/.10 broke even after completing the challenge and won $10 win up to 10K. The harder Gold challenge play 1000 hands .05/.10 zoom and win a anything for a 10K all in shootout ticket and up to 100K cash GL.

This challenge is a very good one for the very good ring games players for the one at 100 hands IMO these kind of players could do this pretty easy.

However The other one 1K hands in zoom i think would be pretty hard to achieve and very profitable to stars if many players are trying the both challenges. Smile Smile

I think its a small ROI these two new promotions, like the one now on partypoker, some new card promo, i really could not quite figure out, im supposed to make 5 point on party casino on rulette blackjack or slots which i did, btw almost lost half my bankroll doing it, till i played roulette and got them back and then some Big Smile but, no card still, i check to see tomorrow if i have, mb there is some kind of 24 hours till they give u one, or simply i cant find it Big Smile
But the point is, is not worth the bother

Today I did the promotion of 100 hands played and the prize I got was a ticket for an all-in 10K, my father also made the promotion and gave the same prize.
I still think that new promotions PokerStars is bad and only benefit them

finished both
got couple of All-in shootout tickets as usual
today is different .. you need to play 4 MTTs and cash in one
which i find pretty easy to achieve
i don't know why i keep chasing those challenges even though everytime i get nothing or bad prizes
maybe i just wanna have a chance to win that 100K

yup!!!many tournaments and promotion to come ,someday if ever i got some extra money i will buy some greater gadget ,just to make sure nothin will be trouble in case of loss connection ,sucks it is how weak our connection here good luck guys!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

well yesterday I menaged to complete only silver, didnt want to play 1k zoom hands of NL10, I went to play some spins Big Smile got ticket for that silver. Today I finished both challenges and I was in profit, and also won tickets Sad hope I will win something from those tickets Big Smile

Won $5 in the silver challenge and cashed in a time tournament for the gold challenge got an Allin shootout ticket today's Chris Moneymaker challenge play seven spin n go's with minimum $1 buy in did that won an all in ticket the gold challenge a lot harder cash in seven sit n goes won't bother so far up $10 on this promotion good luck.

That's kind of the problem with Amaya's promotionss lately. You have to be lucky to make any profit with them. I think they should just do more deposit bonuses. These challenges are just an obvious way of making people with bad bankroll management go broke chasing objectives for a 1$ profit Big Smile

But that's just my opinion, I'm sure cash game grinders are happy to have this. It's better than nothing.

Again today I just got another promotion and tournament ticket all in
I'm tired of getting just any day tickets and me a dollar
Not again to promote anymore
This only serves to them

i finished every promotion so far
got 5$ twice and the rest all tickets
they tend to make them harder than usual but still small prizes
pokerstars need to up their prize .. 10K all-in shootout tournament is small considering you need to wager money

Today for the first time I got $ 5 prize in the Challenge
Also another ticket to a tournament all in
More time is lost trying to promote, that the benefit I get
And will not give importance to the promotion of s**t

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