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Concerning the rule of 4 that you have explained in another thread.

I went to the site you gave us and read it very well but i was not to sure because if you go to an odds calculator they will give you the % like you would go with the 4x instead of 2x.

I gave that a though and now i think that these calculators are giving you the % like if you would god to the river.

Again if i am right you can use the 4x if you plan to go to the river at any cost. If not the odds calculator is of no use and you should use the rule of 2. Question Question

Yeah that's right.

A calc will always show you odds based on the river.

So, like the other hand we were discussing, if I know I am gonna lay down on turn if I miss, its the x2 rule.

Yes, that's correct. The odds calculator only calculates the odds all the way to showdown.

For the expected value of a call you can only know for sure that you'll see the next card, and not even that, if there are still other players to act that have position on you, since they might raise as well.

Then there are the implied odds, which IQA already mentioned in the other thread; that is that you may well extract (a lot) more money from the hand, if you hit your draw.

So calling a bet when you believe you need to improve your hand, in order to win it (i.e. you're on a draw), you should use the rule of 2 for the next card, unless you can see the river for free/cheap (i.e. all-in situations, or close to it, or against a player that does not know to value bet when ahead, giving away free cards).

The call is +EV when (using the rule of 2) the next card turns your hand into the winner often enough, to pay for the times you don't, or (using the rule of 4) if you don't have to pay to see the river card after that, taking into account pot odds and implied odds...

But don't forget pinotte..that's math just help us to make decision, don't forget other thing...figure your opponent hand...your feeling of your hand. As long as I know that math most effective on cash game, not good enough for micro/freeroll MTT cause so many liar player there and math not working.

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