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I was playing a fifty50 on PokerStars the first hand of the tournament i am BB with 6 2o no raise in front of me.

The flop come 2 Club 10 Heart 6 Diamond i bet the pot and one guy shoved and i called he show K Spade 10 Club
for a pair of ten and my two pair held for the win and double my stack on the first hand. Big Smile Big Smile

I would never had been in this hand if i had not been BB or a raise in front. Big Smile Big Smile

I know what you mean Smile
Sometimes you get lucky and you can see the flop with terrible cards, just to realize you have
hit big time.
Thats why some players no matter what they hold they either double or raise any cards.
To avoid this from happening Smile

The new golden rule in poker: always go broke in an unraised pot. Blink

Your opponents play is so bad, it hurts. I thought the level of play had improved over the years, but there are still a lot of guys out there, who think one pair is the stone cold nuts.

Posted by shokaku:
Your opponents play is so bad, it hurts. I thought the level of play had improved over the years, but there are still a lot of guys out there, who think one pair is the stone cold nuts.

Well, it's not like they've put their house/car/children's trust fund on it.
PS is well known for giving room (and outs too) for these kinda players, so they will continue to play like this IMO until the RNG rewarding them. The good news is that it's not happened here this time.
Congrats pinotte, nice catch.

Some people are just very bad at poker. This type of players are the only reason why pot size bets can be good. They don't realize that there's 2 indications here about the strength of your hand when really it's quite easy if you pay attention and know what you're doing.

1. You lead out (Pros call that a donk bet, and it usually represents strength). I would actually put you on bottom 2 pair or a K with no kicker if you do this against me and I would be right Blink
2. The size of your bet is very polarizing and you're levaraging your stack. You either want him to call/shove or you want him to fold. Again that usually represents strength in a tournament, unless you do this often.

Finally you got something nice from crap card pinotte, so would you play it sometimes ? but when is very important, at cut off or in lucky moment or when get feeling. I suggest you should try especially in card dead situation ( MTT, not cash game )

A good example of two things!

Firstly, never assume anything about the BB when you have let them into the game for nothing, as they could have absolutely anything and you have no information on them.

Secondly, playing crap cards sometimes works. It's a reasonably good tactic very early on in a tourney to float a few hands and try and catch some wins from relative nothing, when your stack is massive compared to the blinds.

Well done PINOTTE.

yup good to hear that guys finnaly u made it again and today i will download pokerstars .start playin again hope to see u at the table guys its been so long since i did not play good luck guys... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

well its nothing odd here... 62vsKT is around 30%-35% win for 62... in evry 3 hand you will win 1 with 62... thats why sometimes if you have nice pot odds you call with crap hands... in this situation, you didnt even have to call anything preflop, and won pot Big Smile

ladies i told this several times already, but since your memory is oh so short i will remind this once more: 26o & 36o are the best starting hands in online, offline and strip poker as well. they have intrinsic value and offer it's holders the quickest path to unprecedented levels of richness.

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