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Please give me tips,,how should play in turnament poker.. From start to finish?? Tks for replied Worship

This is a very hard question to answer. If you would have a question about one particular play i am sure that many good players of the forum would be glad to help you.

However to show you how to play all a tournament then it is something else. IMO poker book would be very good to help you our you have some site on the net that would give a lot of information about poker.

Good luck in your research of learning poker and be a winner. Worship Worship

Just call no matter what you have against all Russian Players, other than that your good! Blink

it depends what tournament are you playing... be more specific, and we will give you answer Blink

How about a good book on tourney play? i've been looking for something that will give me a good top to bottom instruction but there are soooo many out there... I'd hate to study one only to find out it was trash.... Any help would be appreciated!

For begin u play just freeroll tournaments one year Big Smile

Tks for replied, i play open league in PS.. Today i still rangking 96.. I have problem if plyer beetwen 50-100 again,,i confused how i must play.. Agresive or passive... Sorry my english

Did you read poker strategies from this site or others ? ( try or something, I am not sure ). If you have difficulties about English, yeah you have to learn by your experience and make some notes. I have ebook - super system by Doyle Brunson if you want.

Tks serpong,,i will try it

the only tip is watch and listen to those who are winning ,2nd dont be so rush playing time will come with a sweet chocolate chips on the table ,on my side i do heard a lot of tips but with all of them was accurate but you need to play on your side without bad timing so careful means money!!!so goodluck!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Big Smile Thumbs Up ,,,

1. deposit some dollaros in your account
2. register in any random tourney
3. wait until you are dealt AA
4. go all-in
5. watch and learn how unbeatable 26o really is
6. end of tourney.

there you go, this is how you play poker tourney from start to finish.

Pochui does make a good point Big Smile
How u play tournaments, well Peronibar told you, play freerolls to get the basic down, playing ABC poker is good for inexperienced players, with time ull pick up tricks from other players how to extract most chips from a hand, ull try them also, u have to get in awkward spots to learn what happens there, and remember its a freeroll so all this knowledge u get for free Big Smile
Ouuu and also watch players on twitch, where u can learn a lot from some very good players there, and abdy abdy abdy abdy THATS ALL FOLKS Big Smile

Ok brother,,i still experienced in PSO now,in league open... Tks for tips,,yesterday i finish place 4,,, Worship Worship

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