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Hello there people, about more then a week ago I've collected my total of 5000 mobpoints and clicked the option to send $50 to Partypoker and I received my 50dollars(45+euro) today! I am so happy and thank you guys of the BRM staff.

If you Mobsters are wondering what my plan is with those nickels, well, I am going to play a lot of low stakes poker with it and tournies and try to triple it or more.

Thanks again BRM and hopefully there will be more happy Mobsters like me!


Congratz Ingrind ! Just 5000 mobpoint ? I remember you won mob draw before, you should be have more. or you already withdraw before won mob draw ? Good luck in your next poker adventure Smile
Hope some good news from you soon.

   0 one can ever stand the best of pure established bankroll mob i never saw someone complain having some withdrawal issue ,instead this site give all the best information about gambling but not so surprizing u can even more get tips on poker and lot more so just stick guys until we are alive... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Congratulations on your new bankroll.
Your first goal should have been to double the bankroll first, and then go for triple Smile
And when you manage to double, put something aside and continue with the rest.
It is a good size bankroll to play low buy ins, so you wont have any problems with a good
bankroll management.
Good luck.

Well done on your new bankroll Thumbs Up
i hope you win many Dollar Dollar Dollar with it,let us know how you are doing especially when you hit $1000 Smile

if i were you i would spend it on booze, maybe some pot... relax in some cheap night club, since not much from the 50 dollaros left with the above mentioned investments completed. but heck, what do i know about life... probably tripling it on the virtual felts is a decent plan as well. good luck with it.

Congratz Ingrind, u sexy thing u Big Smile i remember my first 5000 i withdraw to my neteller acc. which i made a deposit on FT, managed to triple them up so far, i am still working on adding even more to the pile Big Smile
So wish u all the luck on the small stakes, cash games or tournaments, and hope to see you on some of the tables i play so i get the chance to make some coins out of your stack Tongue Big Smile hehehehehe
Naaaah just kidding, or am i Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

BRM staffs are indeed the best Worship gl in your low stakes poker sessions and go conquer the world at Party Poker Cool

BankrollMob boys always meet and payment times are fast
Neither own poker rooms cater as well as here
We are very graceful we belong to this forum


Well done Ingrind Worship Worship Worship
Its very nice to hear when someone get somthing for free
I like that more than win on poker Big Smile
Play smart and triple that money
GL and make more Dollar Dollar Dollar

With effort and dedication anything is possible, even be applied to the game these sacrifices if you want to succeed
It's always nice to take a good prize, but even if it is free
BankrollMob The staff is the best, with very good and quick service to their customers, are always well disposed and are very honest
This forum is the best there is on the web Worship

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