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My second day at Party Poker, start playing a tournament of $ 5.50 which gives 15 tickets for $ 22, was among the top 10 when they were running only 32, I receive pair of AA in hand and an idiot pulls the all in, obviously that payment , the villain had 10Q and there are two Q flop, then turn and river did not help and is eliminated from the first bad bet of the day and was beginning to annoy me
Second tournament game $ 5.50 turbo, was among the first and at the same table had the chip leader, receipt KQ in blind girl, was in the big blind, I open 3 blind, the villain pay, on the flop get two K yy thought my luck changed, but as you can see in the picture I ended up breaking though the ass
Another room, the same s**t, the same misfortune, the same curse

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Now it is maybe a few weeks that you are posting your lost with good hand and you were telling a lot of think against PokerStars and i told you that all the sites are the same and you gonna have these unlucky beat.

Now that you have change site and you have the same result you have to find what is going wrong.

I don't know your past as a poker player but if you are a winning player. Than it is only a bad moments that will go and you will again be a winner player. However if your past show losing than you will have to question your play. Confused Confused

Yeah, I just can say : that's a moment for you to take day off from poker Smile take a break for 2 or 3 days before play again, I am sure you will play better and your luck maybe will change Smile
Good luck next.

Pygmalion, can we have the hand history, but i think, even if we had the story of how this hand went down, its still an call if all in, there is no escaping this hand, very few would fold this if they think they were bhinde, but how can u think that when u have 3 of a kind Big Smile
Its a cooler bro, nothing much u can do about it, it happens a lot, bad u did not make the money or the tickets or what ever u was playing for, anyways, heads up, better days are ahead, dont worry bro, i was on a two weeks downswing lost a lot, but it past, and i came back from it even stronger, but as always, stay away from PS Big Smile

These things happen,just try not letting it get to you,to much.
Some of us play a lot of poker,and some of us play more then,one site,or more then one table at a time,so the chances of this type of thing happening go up a lot more,and we get more bad beats,but just think for a moment about how much we play,and like me every day pretty much,I get bad beats some times its just down right nasty and yes it tilts me a lot,but if I want to keep playing,I can't let those kind of beats or hands bother me to much,just move on, stay positive,or you can just take a break for a couple days,and come back refreshed and ready to grind.

AA sucks - you only have 2 outs. Big Smile
by the way, thats no bad beat. all you had were ace´s as holecards.
like i said in your other thread: it wont change in other rooms, reconsider your play.

I am really not a big fan of playing poker or any interactive game that's luck-oriented to some degree. How can you stand the idea of being frequently defeated by less-skilled players? You need to accept that? Seriously?

Definitely NOT my thing.

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Bad luck is just bad luck. Either you have it or not Smile
Losing with your aces isnt something new. You are gonna lose with them even more times
if you continue playing poker.
It is just a part of the game. Make some adjustments to your game play if you can.
While doing this play game with lower buy ins.

i'm not sure this is correct or not, but i have a feeling that all poker sites have turned against you... this probably is a part of their grand masterplan to take over the world and suck all of the remaining dollaros from every human being. you just happen to be the one they have started with...

That hand was unfortunate, because it was a good hand carry three K accompanied with a high kicker like Q, had only a few hands that earned you
But also have lost three times with two AA in hand in two days and you are unlucky, you play like I always play the initial odds were in your favor
I think it's best to stop playing some time to regain confidence and change the fortunes

I think it's best to drink a little poker vacation to rest
Too bad bet and bad luck soon
Perhaps my bad predisposition, especially with PokerStars and that influences my game
I was never so unlucky to have followed and continues
This is affecting my health

The forum truly wishes to assist you to get over this excruciatingly traumatic experience. To assist us, please in future when posting about your losses, in,dude the relevant hand history so that we can understand the whole of the hand , not just the hole cards or the final position.

I am sure you have realised by now that poker isn't just about the cards. Success or failure is about how you play. It is also not about the site on which you make your play. The site simply provides the probability and the cards. You make the important choices that lead to success or failure.

Enjoy your break and while away read up on how to get hand histories for us for next time, cos there will be a next time.


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