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Crack a $40 safe: DONE  0   
After trying unsuccessfully for a long time, i finally got lucky and binked a $40 safe Big Smile

I had 255 shots, won 50 shots some time ago and bought 205 shots over a few days.

I logged in to play the calendar game and see the safe standing at $40 and decide to have a go.

Started with 800-899, no luck. I wanted to go through to 999 but opted against that idea.

So i switched to 300, halfway through i change my mind and stopped at 354.

With my final 100 shots remaining, I move to 600.

Powering through the input process, i was losing hope fast when suddenly i was stopped by an unexpected message at 652.

Checklist: crack a bankrollmob safe-> COMPLETE

Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

Attached Imagessafe cracked.jpg

what a nice success tropical dude!

the thing I really like about this post is that you explain how much points you got and how you were thinking when you are using them.

I always wondered how people spend their points.
You did it very well i guess, I am not sure if I am going to crack it ones, since I won't feel like trying it, maybe on a rainy spring sunday.

Good luck and spend them well


.... Big Smile< AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... What a vision of lovliness...! Smile Thumbs Up ...and I don't mean that Tommy totin' biotch in basic black...! Tongue

... Big Smile< NICE check-off dude...! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar Heart Dollar

Posted by demodawggy:
...and I don't mean that Tommy totin' biotch in basic black...! Tongue

Posted by Ursula:
“Don’t tell me I can’t, ’cause I can and don’t tell me I won’t, ’cause I will.”

....She kinda looks like Ursula from Storage Wars Canada.

Ursula Stolf – “The Knockout”
Best Deal: Bought a pair of $1,500 boots for $65, resold them for $600.

yes I know it's not real....

Shock Shock Shock


lol welll done bro Thumbs Up , ive desided to go with 685 code and ive been doing it for past two weeks. Maybe next time lol again gratz on guessing the combo.

nice 1 tropical but have to say trying for a long time???? 5 months is not so long,same number for years is a long time.... Tongue
Glad you hit it and your tactics paid off well,so well done for hitting that biach and hope you use your points in the future and cashout soon bud.... Blink Blink Blink

Congratz!! Smile your hard work, almost 200 shot ? get paid properly Smile . You very well in change gear Big Smile Big Smile Do you do the same in poker ? change gear at the right time, I hope so. Have enough mob points to withdraw already ? or have to make aggressive post Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

congrats Blink hope you will win more Blink

Good job! and congrats of course Smile
Try the safe a plenty, but almost always use the same code: one day i was late, and saw "my" code had cracked it!

Also won the 50 mobsafe shots a few times, and always did some experiments with that, but i think it's a longshot..I am better off in the calendars me thinks!
Gl on your next attempt. Thumbs Up

Thank you all for your kind words , i really appreciate it Smile

For those wondering i currently have 4010 mob points.
I plan to continue playing the calendar game regularly for a couple of months.
Hopefully during that period i'll hit at least one 200 point prize .

At the same time i also intend to post an average of 1.5 forum or news article comments/day.
With the current value of 10 points/post, this strategy should net me 60x1.5x10=900 mob points.

Once again thank you and may luck be on your side. Big Smile

im more worryd im gona beat Demo to the punch next safe combination. Just that he dont spend a lot of trys Big Smile

oh well thats a long succesful win and really got it with a 40dollars price u really meet on the right time guys i hope my self will be next its almost 2years never open that vault and need to open it everyday.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Very well done mate, I hope that one day I'll also win min $40 in the safe or even more... I'm just saving my shots until I think I have min 600 in total before having a go at it...

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