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In deep pain right now :(  0   
Like i always say F**k the Luck!

Missed 1 bet for 120 euros

And whats the worst of it i invest only 76 cents

Crying right now Sad Aww crap!

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Don't look at what you could have win you invested $0.76 nothing to be in big pain.

You will always be in pain if you think this way. I understand it would have been great to win but i did not append. Blink Blink

Thing is my dear friend the betting staff put the 48 goals on handball match between Aalborg and Kolding in Danish league. Now is my choice 2 put more on less but the most hurtful thing was that it was exactly 48 goals and i lost just by 1 goal there still was some time left for any of them to score in
last minutes. I needed it to b 49 goals and i would guess my ticket.

I guessed impossible and the bet i doubted less its gona fail me it did.

48 goals put by the betting staff - 48 it was - like they are magicians and knew exactly - hate that.

Wow so cruel, that was very unlucky man. I feel bad for you.
Sometimes it is better to lose by being terribly wrong.
It hurts a lot more when you miss so closely. You get the feeling you were robbed.

Take a few hours off and try to forget it.
I can tell from your pain that it would have helped your bankroll a lot.
The key thing here is to forget this and move on.
Don't try to force a big win over the next few day. It will wreck your bankroll.
Keep the same strategy and sooner or later it will pay off.

Better luck in the future.

High risk high reward Blink

Gambling and pain have a close link together Blink I think people who gamble like the ups and downs, the emotional roller coasters. We're aware that it's a part of gambling and we keep going back for more, so I assume we all like suffering in our own ways Blink

Sometimes you know you've done no mistake in a poker game whatsoever, and your opponents get rewarded for making mistakes against a tight player, like they didn't know the guy was playing tight. That's just the way it goes! Like I always say, better be lucky than good.

You were close but not enough
pinotte is right there.
You got unlucky. Maybe next time you can hit such a bet right. But if you are after such a profit
with such a small bet better put more games into the coupon Smile

Why i cant see anything lately from screenshots?
Cant you make them bigger? Smile

let me see

lol its the same and i make it bigger

Big Smile

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No difference there. Had to use ctrl + and it is too blurry.
Perhaps BRM has made changes and all the screenshots appear like this.

Bro let me tell u a short story bout sport betting Big Smile
I have this friend who bet non stop on football, but he always bet smart, small number of games with small coefficient but he bet big, so one time he said " i am gona put 15 games on one ticket, just to see how much i can get right" so he puts 15 games on a ticket, and he got 14 correct, he only missed by one game, and the game that he missed is his club that he`s a big fan of Big Smile it was an easy game for them, but instead of winning it by 15 gols, for some reason they draw lvl at the end of the game Big Smile
I mean this was funny on so many lvl`s Big Smile
He even made a copy of the ticket and send it to his club Big Smile just to tell them how much they have cost him Big Smile
But all in all, to hit 14 out of 15, it just miracle in its self Big Smile

Yesterday i tried to console you.
Today i expect some sympathy back.
Also i would like you to understand that the universe is not against you, we all get screwed.

I also posted this bet in the fooball betting forum, you can check that i am not bluffing here.

I had a bet yesterday on French ligue 2 league.5 wins and a draw needed.
The 5 wins came in and the match that i bet draw was 1-1 until the 90th min, then one team scored to make it 1-2 and screw the bet. Aww crap!
The payout would have been around $417 as there was a $37 accumulator bonus.


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Sorry Mober ill tell u what i guessed

Handball / Lugi HF - Savehof ( 49 goals on match ) was 57 Smile
Handball / Ystad - Malmo ( home team wins by 2,5 difference ) was 3 but they leaded by 5 almost all 2 half Smile
Basketball / CSKA- CZ Beograd ( home team is not gona win by 16 difference ) i had some fealing that no matter CSKA big favourite in this one not gona pull that of against CZ Beograd and CSKA almost lost that one with CZ Beograd playing very good and leading in score most of the match.
Basketball / Fenerbahce - Real Madrid ( home team wins with more then 3,5 difference ) i guess that 2 Smile,
Basketball / Galatasaray-Darussafka (home team wins with 5,5 difference) i bet its not gona b 5 and even better Darussafka won ) so that made my hendicap perfect Smile

Rest was some football matches from EuroLeage / Liverpool vs Dortmund and Sevilla vs Atletic Bilbao ( bouth teams score ) guess those 2 Smile , and the last was Sahtjor Donjeck against Braga ( first half or end Sahtjor wins ) Smile

Only handball match between Aalborg- Kolding (48,5 goals on match ) screwed me over cause it was exactly 48 goals and i needed it 2 b 49 Sad Aww crap!

Means ur friend played with GREAT knowlege and involve HEART and that didnt end well. But we all fools sometimes Big Smile . Yea SBEP i would probably be mad and disappointed on those 2. Its never easy to guess that amount of bets but when it happends its amazing fealing. With luck as the main factor in all bets - lets say some of us dont have much luck.

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With only 1 goal difference it really hurts Smile

I see you have a variety of games and sports there, so i guess you are doing some
homework before betting, unlike me lol.
That is a good thing, and can lead you to a good win after all.
To the cashier Thumbs Up Big Smile

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