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Daily freeroll  0   
Today when i went out of the BRM daily freeroll on Party Poker i looked and there was a few forum reg. that was in position to be ITM.

Now i just went to see and to my surprise there is only one that made ITM and for $0.40 for vic75 i also look at all winner and did not see one that is already in the last leaderboard.

I really don't know what is happening with this tournament but after a bit less than one month i find very difficult to make it. Confused Confused Confused

The payout structure isn't that great 440 entrants 30 places paid takes 3 hours for min cash most players aren't registered with BRM. I lost a big pot after the bubble Q10 vs 45 small stack Allin four player pot Q37 on the flop lost to a straight on the river. Next hand shove with KQ 7 BB left was up against AK and out. A small win but a good one as it gave my bankroll enough to attempt the mobile sit n go hero mission won the first one for Dollar 6 and second for 4 Dollar Big Smile Cool Blink

Good Luck Vic75!! Glad to see someone getting a good break!

... Big Smile< I have what you had last week pinotte...!!!

... Big Smile< ....a severe case of the 'pinotte-fluenza and the boogie woogie blues'... Sad

... Big Smile< I haven't cashed in about 8 games or so.... It's getting to be a little irritating... Angry

... Big Smile< So I decided to shake things up a wee bit and play aggressively with a wider range,...and NOT taking ANY crap from them big stack bullies..,...and things just got WORSE... Aww crap!

... Big Smile< ...but I remain optimistic,...the law of averages must have me pegged for a BIG Takedown TODAY...!!! Big Smile

You have to always "respect" more the big stacks. And the reason is simple.
They can kick you out of the tournament Smile While when you have a part from your
stack you can rebuild, when you are against smaller stacks.
A chip and a chair dont they say?
But it looks like all you have left lately is the chair Big Smile

I dont look at the same way as you do on big stacks mober, i look at them as a chance to double up, if theres a big stack on the table and if the guy knows what his doing, he would open wide, and bet big to hide that his week, or small to induce, 80% of them play that way, so iam not afraid not one bit of them, i w8 for a decent hand and go after his chips Big Smile
Never be afraid to play your hand just coz u r up against a bigger stack then you, that hand could be the one u double up, or bust if hes extremely lucky Big Smile

I late registered today at blind level 5 so I didn't have much stack! I managed to double up with AK but then quickly lost that 3000 with 1010 against QJ suited.

I ended up shoving 88 for a race and busting out pretty quickly! Atleast I didn't waste too much time on it! I hate playing for 2+ hours and not cashing in such small freerolls...

Good luck tomorrow guys

I too haven't had much luck in this game lately. However, I am happy with my play . I agree with SBEP in that you have to risk you tournament life at times to make your stack bigger and give yourself a chance at winning the tournament (or at the very least in this format making the final 30 to achieve leaderboard points). It's no good allowing your chips to whittle down just through fear of a big stack knocking you out, but make sure that you are not playing with average hands against such a player as that does not maximise your opportunity. Play with better hands than the big stacks range and you should be ok.

This game has killed me, not really sure why cause I usually have an ok time here... Guess it just one of those bad runs.

.... Big Smile< Sorry,.... I meant to put this commentary HERE in the 'Daily' game....:

.... < ...WTF...??? Nothing but @#$%$^# gd f'n %[email protected]# for the past TWO $#@&%$#@ weeks....

... < No problemos in any of the OTHER games I play in,...but THIS one...???? < $$#@% &@#[email protected] &%%$#$# &@#$#@# [email protected]#$$%$####$$#@#$#@((&*%^#%^^^&^

I keep forgetting about this game. The prizepool is pretty small and 2/3 of the players are probably not bankrollmob members (password leaking and long late register will do that for sure).

So yeah, 3 hours to get to the money to make 30 cents, with that slow structure is pretty bad. The only thing that makes it worth it is the leaderboard if you can secure a top 10 place. I'll try to stay in the top 100 to get access to the tournament at the end but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by partypoker, there shouldn't be any late registering to prevent password leaks.

In all the previous leaderboard tournaments on Full Tilt and Party Poker there was many non members playing with passwords leaks and this one is just the same.

I have seen on previous post that some of players with leaks passwords are becoming members of BRM after. Question Question

I know it is a lot more difficult to play with them because they don't care about leaderboard and are playing only for the tournament money which make them play donkeys. Aww crap! Aww crap!

I made final table only twice and still trying but should be hard to make top 30. Blink Blink


... Big Smile< There is maybe ONE good thing about the unregistered leakers playing,...and that's that they're not contenders on the leaderboard and can't get ahead of you in that respect,...and they also knock down friends or foes who ARE on the leaderboard...!

... Big Smile< ...but pinotte's pretty much correct here,....most of them play like donks because it's a 'freeroll' that they have no real interest or investment in... Thumbs Down Confused

... Big Smile< They could be good for taking advantage of,....but when they constantly shove or call all in with their offsuit Ace/junk or whatever praying to connect or pair the ace somehow and wind up clobbering your KK or whatever because they donked triple junk,....THAT get's a little irritating... Angry late registration is a way past most of them...

If they are not playing for the leader board, then they have one more reason to play like this.
A qucik shot to get some good chips and be in the money.

Havent you ever done this for example : play like this to get a decent stack and then
sat out the rest of the tournament cause you were busy or had to go? Smile
Lots of reasons besides being a classic donk Smile

I think we must play like donks to hit sometime pot,obviously AA KK QQ or AK AQ is not good enough for them.When i had AA or similar cards and raise big sudenelly i have in pot minimum 5 opponents who call ,reraise ,donkfest in the city,and how to get to be ITM.Softwer is worst than stars.
Who brings that donks i dont know. Confused

I managed to make final table today. Started the game very nice and got card dead for a good while but it came back and got very lucky hitting when the blinds were very high so i came to the FT in 5th. position but then my luck went out and i lost a pot wit A Q vs QJ flop came wit a Q and i shoved but he it is J on the river. So i finished 8th. for 2.05 not bad for the leaderboard. Big Smile Big Smile

U should be happy u didnt get a hand like me on depositors freeroll TT10$ - had K8 on flop J K K then 2 and 6 on river - i pushed my chips every round till all in showdown and i lost cause he had K10 and that really hurts Confused Sad

Yes this is a very unlucky lost when you see two K on the flop really don't expect the someone have the other one.

However these kind of hands are happening and your 8 was not a very good kicker i whish you will have more luck in the future. Worship Worship

   0 last...after a couple of weeks of nothing, last night I made the money and points in the daily freeroll at PartyPoker. I managed a reasonable 18th position, which while giving me more leaderboard points, actually makes no difference to my position, due to the gap in points to the player ahead of me.

It was also nice to see DEMODAWGGY in the money and points too.

Come on regulars, let's fill that top 30.

I managed a 15th place in yesterday's freeroll a hand that always gets me in trouble AQ not to many big blinds left I shove was up against AK agree with Pinotte won't be easy to crack the top 30. Agree

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