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I played day ago private frerool on for prize pol 250 eur, Tourney played 21 players and tourney are 8 minute level, i not haved nothing in acc for maybe another rebuy or addon, but i finished 1 for great 110 EUR, Dollar Dollar, i played a litlle more like donk but i haved too much luck Big Smile, on final table heads up i falen to 5k chip aother player 100 k chip, blind 1250 2500 i go allin and him folds lool, then i dubled and on end i win tourneY Big Smile

Congratulations for your winning this tournament. It is quite a com back from 5K. chips against over 100.K and you managed to make it this is a very good accomplishment that will happed may once in a life time.

If you make another one like this then it will be a miracle however i wish you good luck in all yor other games. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

A player calling himself a (lucky) donk is unquestionably not the one in this case. The term should apply to your heads-up opponent who folded to your 2-bb shove.

Congratulations, mirexxx.

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lol yeah Tony_Mon7ana, sometimes people think the expression donk is only for the over agressive over loose or passive donk callers (if that's a term, lol)... But It's also for the overtight - overcontrolling players, like anyone who folds for a shove under 4 BB in a heads up situation.

So yeah, maybe this guy thought he was clever or that he had instinct so he decided to ignore the math. It may have cost him his 1st place!

Smile Again win lool Big Smile

Congratulations on your win.
In such situations you never fold the cards no matter what you have Smile
5k with 100k? Its an instant call Smile
You got lucky there ;0 The prize was a very good one.
Not a hard tournament to reach the top places with the amount of players it had.

Mb u were lucky in the crucial hands for you, but getting to the FT, im sure u were playing good, the difference being, luck was on your side at the moment when u most needed it...
So congratz, and i hope what u have made today from those tournaments u triple up tomorrow, and by the end of the month, u have a decent size bankroll to show for.
Good luck bro, keep piling the moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy Big Smile

I have some good news for you. Smile
Your title is 100% correct Tongue
Congratulation on the win. Thumbs Up
A considerable amount of luck is required for winning any poker tournament.
Better be lucky and win than be the best player in the field and lose Blink

Posted by mirexxx:
Smile Again win lool Big Smile

Sara Tancredi eh.............................. you a prison break fan

Mirexxxxx.... Winning is winning. It doesn't really matter how you achieved it. In years to come this game could be replayed as a classic example of how not to give up and as long as you have a chip and a chair, anything is possible. Don't knock your luck on this occasion...cherish it and benefit from your great win. Enjoy your winnings.

Posted by damosk:
Mirexxxxx.... Winning is winning. It doesn't really matter how you achieved it.

Exactly. Different opponents require different methods to crack them up, being loose is not really a terrible choice if the whole table plays otherwise.
Congrats mirexxx!

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