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High-Stakes Poker Legend Gus Hansen Returns To Denmark 'For Good'  0   
Gus Hansen appeared on Good Morning Denmark this week to talk about his life away from poker, and the one-time high-stakes regular apparently is back in his home country “for good” to possibly raise a family.

“Millions of dollars, insane bets and wild lifestyle, now poker star Gus Hansen home to quiet Denmark [to] raise a family,” according to a tagline accompanying the video (subscription required).

According to a report (translated) from, Hansen was on the show to take part in a Red Cross campaign where Danish celebrities donated the clothes off their backs to charity. Hansen reportedly also donated an old Full Tilt Poker shirt, adding more indication that he is really taking a break from the game.

According to H**********B, Hansen’s last time playing the nosebleeds on Full Tilt was in late 2014. Hansen stepped away from the platform down $20.74 million lifetime after 1.5 million hands. Over on PokerStars, Hansen was active as recently as mid-2015. On that site, Hansen dropped $1.38 million over nearly 64,000 hands.

Prior to Black Friday in April 2011, Hansen was on a nearly $8 million upswing, but that was cut short by Full Tilt shutting down. When the site re-launched, Hansen’s heater had ended and he began a long losing streak.

Early last year, Hansen explained that his downswing was the result of extremely poor game selection and a “tilt factor” being “about the worst in the world.”

In tournaments, Hansen is a roughly $10 million winner. The WSOP bracelet winner’s last live tournament cash was in March of 2014. The 42-year-old is also the winner of three WPT titles.

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Oh, really?

Well, at least he has had a time of his life.

Good luck, Gus.

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The last years are really strong for some poker pros like Gus Hansen and with this amazing downswing in cashgames, it was a good thing to have a break. Perhaps he is playing some tourneys in the near future and start a comeback later.

High-Stakes Poker Loser Gus Hansen Returns To Denmark 'For Good'

Fixed thread title Cool

hahahaha Magatt that's harsh!!

I like this kind of players, they make action, and they make poker not boring. Atleast his bluffs usually make sense. Sure he gets caught like everyone else but atleast he doesn't donk his chips away calling shoves with 56 off suit Blink And even if I would try I couldn't be as creative as this guy. He had balls of steel, and obviously he had the ability to run over a table.... untill poker evolved and he didn't.

thrilled to hear that gus hansen is back to denmark for good- it would be absolutely horrific if he would be back to denmark for bad. now we can all breath a sigh of relief and watch him doing all the good for the lovely lands of denmark. we mobbits support your decision gus.

So sad to see him losing but I don't know why he kept playing high stakes cash games when he's much better in tournaments, believe me when this guy really want to play a tournament to win it, he'll get solid finish...

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