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You want the password very easy here it is. Aww crap!

Is it only one site you found the password?
There are so many out there. Some are gone but more will open and that is for sure.
The ones sharing it, if they are players on the specific tournaments, probably they dont have
a clue whats their bets interest.
The more players in a tournament, the less chances you have to win Smile


It is BRM's interest for as many people as possible to play them. Advertising and all that

Yeah, again I lost close to the money yesterday to a guy I had never seen before... I ended up all-in with JJ against a bunch suited/unsuited connectors hands with no overcards but 57 off suit caught a straight on the turn off suit to win the 5 way all-in pot.

I mean, he played for 3 hours and then he calls a shove with 7 high and quadruples up? I actually hit my top set on the river but it was too late lol

GL guys, I think I may slide off the top 100 leaderboard since I only cashed once and got sucked out in 10th place Blink

Some people make a living out of identifying freeroll passwords and posting them on the Internet. Some people don't care how they get passwords as long as they get the chance to play poker for free. Maybe a few of them, having signed into the freeroll may wonder what BRM is all about and some of them may also sign up to become members and will one day be forum regulars. They may also use sign up bonuses. All of this leads to more opportunity for BRM to broker promotions with poker sites, which will lead to more promotions and freeroll leaderboards, which will lead to more passwords being advertised on the Internet, which will lead to....... Do you get the commerce behind poker now?

... Big Smile< The GOOD thing about it, is that most of them are donks that get killed early and aren't on the leaderboard anyhow...!

... Big Smile< Hey pinotte....I see you are currently in 5th place with a nice stack....!!!! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< I'll be joining in shortly to take my 'daily lumps', evidenced in this short clip of me having 'tea' and a fine 'Cuban' with Sad

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I thought this freeroll was only for players with a tracking by bankrollmob. Also the PP mobster leaderboard tourney series. But i saw in the past, that many Players are in this tourneys and it is possible for all players with the password...

The Sunday freerol is track and your account had to be created through BRM. The daily one is not track and everybody that find the password can play it without problem however their money win does not go to the leaderboard.

You also have to be registered to the leaderboard to have your points even if you are a BRM member if you are not registered you don't go to there. Smile Smile


.... Big Smile< I'm thinking that all the donks and crazies have migrated over to PP for the BrM freerolls to wreak HAVOC there now... Confused

... Big Smile< Not so good for most,....but probably good for partypoker and maybe BrM as some of them would have to register new accounts...!

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