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$5 football bet won $143  +2   
I had a nice win today betting on the english premier league.

ENGLAND: Premier League
Swansea-Liverpool..................................Home.......odds 3.27
Manchester United-Leicester..................Draw........odds 3.34
Southampton-Manchester City...............Home.......odds 2.63

Staked $5 and got $143.62 return

Like always i posted the tip in the football tips thread.
Congrats to anyone who followed Big Smile

Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

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So you picked 3 underdogs in a combined bet and they all won?

That is pretty lucky my friend....!! I would never try such a bet with 5$ on it, maybe 1$ but no more. I have a hard time betting on 1 underdog and having it win so 3 in a row is just great Blink

Hope your luck continues though, and have fun with your winnings ^^

See you

Posted by TheMachineQC:
So you picked 3 underdogs in a combined bet and they all won?

Naaah, he went for a draw in the MU-LeicesterCity game and tbh Southampton at home in this season is not much of an underdog against any team - but yeah - great acca, congrats!


... Shock< Wow...!!! Nice...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

... Big Smile< THAT should buy a delicious plate of octopus curry or two...!!! Big Smile Thumbs Up

Thanks for the comments guys. Smile
I appreciate it a lot.
Don't get me wrong, i know i got lucky despite the fact that there was some thorough analysis behind the picks.
Luck is a major factor in life.
Most of the time it doesn't come my way but when it does i enjoy the moment. Big Smile
Cheers Dollar Dollar
Good luck in your own quest mobbits Big Smile

Nice bet you got there with a good profit.
Not easy hitting right such bets, especially when you have draws in.
You do your homework but i think you got lucky also.
But this is how the whole betting thing works after all. Thumbs Up

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