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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll On Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially to forum reg. the machine who made FT IQA ITM and a forum reader Kidcougar FT.
I played it but again this week not in lost one hand with A A when the board gave 4 spades and out with AK vs A 3. Maybe next week. Smile

Hey! Played pretty tight throughout the tournament. Managed to triple up fast at the start and cruised for like 2-3 hours untill I started getting hands.

When the final table started I knew I could easily finish top 5 because I had a decent stack. But the action was pretty fast at the final table, there was many multi-way pots so the guy on my left ended up a massive chip leader.

On the last hand I had KJ on the small blind with about 15BB. Raised 3x and BB shoved his A2, unfortunately I called and didn't hit anything to improve ^^ If I did I would've had a good chance at finishing first!

GL next week

Congrats TheMachine

That was the longest bubble in the history of bubbles! I was at inlaws playing crib whilst playing that game + grinding points for another promo on sky so wanted it over asap but it just went on and on and on!

Well done to the regulars who cashed in this game, which appears to now hold the world record for the longest bubble in IQA history! I'm so sad that I. Issued this game but I was driving on our wonderful M6 motorway at the time so could oblige. Hopefully I will be back next week. Have a great week mobsters.

Congratulations to all the winners. machine go the most of it from the regulars.
marqiss was close this time but no candy Smile
He is always close though if not itm, so he wont have a problem reaching final again Smile
Good luck to all in the next one.

congrats all the mobbits who made it into the money and even those who wasted 5 party points and a few hours staring at the screen for nothing- you know, it's all about enjoying your poker, chit chat, bad beats and you have to roll in deep sh1t sometimes to know that deep sh1t is really not the place you want to spend the remaining of your days.

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