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Ace King is suppose to be a very good starting hand however i made a little survey of my A K hand on Party Poker.

In my last 48 hands that i started with A K here are the results.

I won ten hands

Nine hands there was no action i folded or everybody folds on my bet.

And i lost twenty nine hands including today's one A K VS 3 3

I won twice with this hand on Monday and made final table.

What about your stat. with this hand. Question Question

Never kept a detailed history of hands.
From what i remember the results werent so bad. My worst hand is JJ.
So many losses with it. I rarely win, no matter what the other plays have.
And in many case its AK Smile

I don't keep an hand history this is why i am talking about Party Poker where they have the Hand history for you.

This is one of there feature that i like very much.

As for J J same as you i usually losing with them and losing against them. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Both AK and JJ can be problem hands. They are quite strong, so are played a lot. (No one in their right mind will lose a lot of chips with say 83o) But there are stronger starting hands, and AK and JJ both need good boards. One with high cards, the other without those.

you will flip all in with any pocket pair exept KK or AA, also you could get outdrown... so there is nice amount of hands that you will lose with AK... now if you play in tournament you avoid shoving with AK with simular stack, or stack bigger than yours... you target smaller stack that you can afford fliping. also AK is a must shove when you are short stack...

AK had this 2nd hand in last Tuesday's Canada Knockout tourney with a $5 knockout per player two limpers I shove AKvsAQvsKK no two outer and out when I have KK I often lose to AK or under pair in middle stages of a tournament.

A K was the worriest starting hand for me in the last years in cash games. You have a lot of callers in the micros and if you hit nothing, it was not enough to make a conti bet. And when you hit you get often a runner runner suckout...

Of cause AK is very vulnerable in a multiway pot. With that starting hand one aimes for TPTK, and this can easily be beaten by a random two pair or better. So raising higher preflop might be a good idea.

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