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For four years, poker icon Phil Ivey has been battling an appeal with Crockfords Casino in London in hopes to reclaim £7.8 million he won playing Punto Banco in August 2012. After it was deemed that Ivey utilized a controversial edge-sorting technique to win, a High Court in London ruled in favor of Crockfords and denied Ivey his winnings. Ivey was later granted permission to appeal and that court battle began yesterday, April 13, with a ruling expected in the coming days.

Ivey decided to take legal action in May 2013, commencing at the time was the biggest legal battle in UK casino history.

"I am deeply saddened that Crockfords has left me no alternative but to proceed with legal action, following its decision to withhold my winnings,” Ivey shared when he announced his decision to sue the casino. "I have much respect for Genting's, which has made this a very difficult decision for me."

During the court hearing, Ivey admitted to using the edge-sorting technique, which identifies small variations in the pattern printed on the backs of the cards. To Ivey's disappointment, he initially lost the case, with Judge John Mitting ruling that Ivey's tactics constituted cheating under civil law.

I always saw in his eyes he was heartless and dirty. I never knew why people respect him..

If you are a people reader you can see he is a scammer.

and I don't care he scammed a casino, it's more about that he can be heartless towards other people.

You know when you play some (non poker) game and you let the weaker person win one round, because you feel sad for him, well Phil Ivey can't have this emotion of compassion, honor etc

tldr; Phil Ivey has an awful character and no honor and a rotten soul, he looks like sniffs coke, then you also get that selfish, empty, soulless look in his eyes .


I dont really care if he is gonna get the money or not.
But in this case, who si going to win. A player or the casino.
They can spend some of that money, to get the ruling in their favor again, no matter what.

I do not like him either Smile

We had a case here when the casino open there is a game call KENO and there was a bug in the RNG the same numbers were coming back in some sequence and one guy found it.

So he started to play the game and won the jackpot a few time before the casino discover that they just cancelled the game until the problem was solved and the guy kept the money he had won.

Would we call that cheating. Question Question Question

IMO it is approx. the same thing Phil Ivey discovered that there was something wrong with the cards and he took advantage of it. I really think that it is the casino fault if they don't verify the cards they are using so they should pay for. Smile Smile

I think Phil Ivey is right to try to get the money he won back. But I doubt he will win because the owners of these casinos probably have a lot of business relationships with a lot of rich and powerful people. Phil Ivey is just a rich individual who made money with his brain and with numbers, investing and gambling... He's no match for these guys. But GL to him... Big Smile

pinotte probably they let that player keep that money after all.
I believe such games, have rules like malfunctions voids all payouts.
Nevertheless ivey was accused more than once of cheating in a casino.

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