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Cashed the BRM Daily PP 21st.  0   
Went out in a blaze of no glory AK me vs. AJ them with big stack and they hit J on flop game over. another .51 cents/points for the leaderboard giving me 5.11 so far. atleast i'll get a freeroll ticket and maybe with another few cashes a payout.

Also running super hot in a PP Flyweight 200$ GTD 44.20$ up top. Currently sitting 3/125 with a very big stack. Wish me luck

Edited by TheIrish77 (11 May 2016 @ 20:02 GMT)

Minimum payout for the usual e-wallets at PP is $10. So a few more finishes in the money will do the trick. And the number of players in the tourneys there is not so high like it was even at FT, not to mention Stars.

Recked is the only way to put it. sitting 15th or so with 56 remaining and get dealt QQ. get min raised preflop I three bet him he calls. boards comes 929 and he shoves I call. He turns over A2 os and hits Ace on river. What did I reraise you with preflop air ? Like f**k push with a 2.

Oh well it's a cash but not the one I wanted. Gutted as i was in top 5 most of the run and dominating most of the play around me.

Edited by TheIrish77 (11 May 2016 @ 21:02 GMT)

There has to be a player like that every time ruining your game.
Some times you wonder, how much more you could have won so far if there werent such players
But at the end, that is how poker is.

You are doing very good lately finishing in top positions most of the time, so losing like this
must hurt less Smile

Hey The Irish. Well done on dashing. I saw you playing at around 60th when I got busted by some sycophantic hand or other, which I refuse to remember given how bad it was. I'm just about to late register (not intentionally) for tonight's game. Hope once again I can keep away from you and hope to try and cash again tonight....... Regd and sitting with our friend PINOTTE!

Congratulations again sir irish man 77 Blink

I just played one BRM daily leaderboard freeroll but unfortunately no luck for me. I late registered 45 mins late, so when I came in blinds were already 160. I won some small pots to get to 4k chips, then big stack russian donk shoved 55 on my right when I had QQ and hit a boat. So my game only lasted like 10 hands Big Smile

That's how I like it... no time wasted lol

I do not have the same luck in the tournament at Party Poker just no luck for me,one hour of playing and not win one hand my cards were catastrophic not any coupl they were all different,congratulate you on the success and good luck in the tournaments

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