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Hey Bankroll mob?

How are you?

The Canadian is coming back to the game!!!


The Party Poker site become my number 1 Poker Site with the 10,00$ FREE Bankroll mob offer me for join is very hard to not like this site. Thanks again

Nice players who play fair i dont feel like if i am scammed and this is nice. (Hope stay like that)

You can go to sit and go hero to try to earn up to 170,000$ with only 20,00$.

I have already earn some Sit and go hero and is very nice because you have a bounty prize when you eliminate the user who got the target Smile

Nice to see you guys on Party Poker the best place to play on internet in my book

Spade Club Heart Diamond Dollar

Plus daily Freeroll Smile

Nice to see other mobbits doing well Smile
I used to play at party poker too but one time they messed up a promo called world domination and screwed me over. It was long ago around 2010.
I stopped playing there but might give it another go since i hear nothing but good feedback about party poker.
Keep crushing the tables.
Good luck Big Smile

I have always played at Party Poker and i have never had any complaints with them. I know that you cannot please everyone but, speaking from personal experience, i can honestly say that i really enjoy playing on there


I put the deposit on Party Poker and now I can play the freeroll every day before that I could not to play there , thanks to Bankroll Mob enabling us every day to play freerolls , I like Party Poker

I like this promo (use it myself also Smile )
Party Poker is great place to play also have some good promos from time to time.
And dont forgot there is always daily Bankroll Mob to play for free Smile

I agree. Party Poker the excellent website for game in poker with an excellent support service and remarkable actions, both for beginners, and for all. It is a pity only that I had to be registered not from Bankroll Mob as I am an inhabitant from Ukraine and it is deprived of many conditions...) All of good luck!!!

Yep PP is great now a days, but that was not the case 10 years ago when they dragged asesss bhind PS and FT, but they are doing well now, with some great promos and freestuff they managed to bring back poker players to their site...
One thing i dont get is, BWIN is owned by PP, and BWIN used to be much bigger poker room then PP, how PP got to own BWIN is beyond me, and i wished there is a thing like on FT ans PS b4 the merger when u can transfer money from one poker room to another since they are owned by the same company, they don't have that on PP and BWIN, i would grow my bankroll on BWIN a lot faster if that was the case, but now i have to grind sloooooooooowwwww, which frustrates me a lot, i know ill get there, but it would take a lot of time since they are not as good as PP when it comes down to freerolls and promos.

I really like Party Poker. i Understand your opinion.

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