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You should read the terms and conditions of this promotion. You will see that you would have the opportunity to have the matter in your country justice court.

Here is a screen capture of one paragraph.

You are always hoping it wont reach at this point.
You will need to invest money and time which doesnt always worth it.
In this situation it does, but i doubt there is the time for it.
WSOP starts next month, and courts are know for the speedy process Smile

You are right about the WSOP however there is still 12.5K maybe it is not worth it this is what these peoples are thinking.

The guy wont spend money to sue us we have the money but he does not. I don't know about England but here we have a small claim court which does not cost much and you even don't need a lawyer you can do it yourself. Smile


... Big Smile< I'm gonna sue pinotte,....for being such a 'pinaughtty boy'.... Big Smile Thumbs Up

If the evidence is on your side, u should always sue, no matter if u have money at that exact moment or dont, u can work out any kind of deal with your lawyer, if the case is sure stuff, he knows he will get his money, so dont worry bout the money, what u need to worry about is, making your case iron clad strong, and dont worry bout a thing Big Smile Thumbs Up

read the t& c of the promotion before trying to help him with non sense

There is no case to answer. This is simply just a graphics issue. Maybe there was a hiccup between servers, for a millisecond, and then this happens. Like I said on the other thread:

1) It is quite common
2) They will have T and C saying they aren't liable
3) No court in the land is ever going to side against 888 on this issue

Its harsh, but that's just how it is.

as I said it his thread earlier,I know that lot of people use askgamblers to solve players problems!you post problem and they contact and try to solve this!and lots of people get money or other things on this way!good luck to him whatever he decide!

Since it landed there, they need to honor it and give him the prize.
Who cares if it is a problem between servers or any other technical problem.
They need to resolve such problems, before going live with the competition.

Otherwise it can keep landing on that prize, or anyone else if that matters,
claiming a technical problem every time and at the end awarding the prize to the one they want.

72 hour deadline is approaching... I'm not optimistic.

when you receive a package you dont receive nay info till after 4 working days. this happened in my case.

so i still have no reason why you have not won a package . just chill and they will contact you soon

I think the deadline expired and we dont see any news for it.

host85 its not that he hasnt received any info about it so far.
He has won the package for the WSOP and they told him that the actual prize was tickets.
And now he is waiting for them to look into it.
Well actually we are all waiting for them to look into it Smile

He didn't win the package, the graphic told him he did then told him he didn't.

Since he got the result in the wheel indicating he won, it means he won.
The graphic is part of the promotion.

No it isn't. There are many reasons why it could show up. The second part of the wheel indicates he didn't win.

No point getting his hopes up, he hasn't won

I just read again the terms and conditions of this promotion and it is very clear. It says that if there is a difference between the Vegas Roller and the congrats pop up message the correct prize will be the one show on the congrats pop up message.

And it is to bad but this is the case here so he did not win to bad. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Jeeeezzzzzzaaaaaassss why everything has to be so complicated, if the wheel shoved WSOP package then it should be WSOP package....but no, u should check the R and C, according to them u haven't won the package... fraudsters, fraudsters everyyyywwwwhhhheeerrreeeeeee
What a time and world we are living in these days, u cant trust anyone, everything has come down to scams, fraud, skimming, taking advantage of some1, there are no more honest people...
Luckily for me i don't have kids, i really would not want any, to have to raise in this kind of a world.

If the terms are like pinotte says then he hasnt won the prize.
But this is just a silly excuse.
Either remove the first part or the second. Why you are leaving it this way?

I didnt get his hopes up. I just said what it seems right.
The wheel was first and thats the prize he should have got.

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