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Today is very good day for me!after 500 points at Mob calendar,then 300 e on bank account after selling something,won 104.34 euros on New Player Freeroll at Triobet poker!this was my first new players freeroll,after registration few days ago!I sawed thread about this site and this freerolls here at BRM!I think that Ivanjkp posted here about this site (correct me if I am wrong)!thank you for this information!
it was tough tournament,almost lost before payout,then some all in hands push me at top and finished at 3. place!was some big problems at this freeroll,dont know is normal that at Triobet,but when freeroll comed at payout places and hand for hand play,every time was big pauses,even hands are over and we waited for 10 min just to tournaments continue!we played just a few hands in almost 1 hour and blinds come to 8000/16000,beacuse time didnt stop!but I am very happy with wining,didnt expect this!this was 888 e Guaranteed freeroll and at 19:00 CET will be another 1000 euro freeroll!this freeroll are only at wednesday!
dont know are there some conditions about payout,will I have to deposit or I can withdraw money after some freerolls Big Smile

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Congrats on free cash Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar
Thats 888E freeroll at 14:00 (less players) are great better then next one at 19:00.
About cash out: you must verify your acount and make min deposit,i do this before i start playing i cashed out several time until now and its ok no problem with that.
I suggest you to play tonight at 21:00 New players turbo buy in 1.10E (500E GTD) this tour is also for new players and will have about 70-100 players (cashed few time in this one) Smile
When i win 1st place on 888E freeroll (220+E) same day i finished 3rd for 75E on 500E GTD
Once again great game Smile

thanks mate Blink !will try this for sure!If I stay at home tonight I will try this!now its this freeroll at 19:00,so will see what will happen there!but very nice money you can get and its strange how they give lot of money for nothing Big Smile !and as I see at my option he allow me to withdraw at bank account,without restriction,only for visa and skrill says that need to deposit!but will see later what to do!

I saw the screenshot before reading the post and it seemed familiar.
Thought you were the one who had won again.
A nice prize and finish, I can see the money already in your account top right Smile
Congratulations with even better results in the future.

thanks ortxodox brother Big Smile

just lost at 1000 e freeroll at 32. place and won 6 e!few hand before last hand had arround 20000 chips,player before me bet all in,I pay on JJ,he had KK and lost that hand and fall down on 4500 chips!and after few hands got A 5,bet all in beacuse BB was 2500,but another player had AQ,get Q on flop and lost it!too bad,beacues played very good and just beacuse of one hand I am not on better place!first place is 190 e and there was 463 players!
now still playing 1,10 e new players turbo tournament!first prize is 137,50,I am at 13 position,still 50 players in game and only 12 players will get money!

4th place and 47.50 e and this 1.10 e new players tourney!should be on third and to take 70 e,but I go all in,three of us on pot and player with AA lost it in same hand,so my fold would stay me in tounrament!BB was 8000 and I had 12000,so that why pay blind on K 9 spade!
great they for me Big Smile
and BIG THANKS to Ivanjkp who told me about this 1.10 e buy in,it was nice to play!somehow I had two tickets for this 1.10 e tournaments,so didnt even use money from afteroons freeroll!

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Nice winning bro i watched you when you played 1000 frerool and i shated to you but you not seed heh, and i watched when you played 500 guaranted for new players, because and i played on bvictor and win 30 eur on tourney, g.l and spend visely, and deposit with neteller and you can widhtraw on neteller, i got card from neteller and took 4 eur for a widhtrawallo on al atm bye neighbour Big Smile


Congratulations to all the compatriots from the former common state Yugoslavia , it seems all the luck smiled , I want sincerely to you multiplied the money , the best poker players are the people of the former Yugoslavia Big Smile Cool Dollar Worship

Verry nice run gratz for your winnings! I never heard about Triobet Poket before, but i take a look . It seems, they have nice first depositors freerolls and it was the chance to get some extra bucks Blink

I congratulate. Keep in there. Excellent results at you. It is always pleasant to take good prizes with a good prize fund and the small number of participants. You are a strong player. I wish good luck in your following participations.)

thanks to all members Blink !yeah,it was very nice day for me,poker,casino,mob calendar,everything!hope that will continue like this and ofcourse wish all of you luck at tables,casino,whatever you play Thumbs Up

Please accept my sincere congratulations on your recent achievement. You are one of the most gifted Mobsters I have ever known. You remind me of the meaning of hard work and integrity, and I believe that your dedication will greatly advance the BankrollMob's mission dramatically.

on todays first freeroll at Triobet 888 e freeroll,didnt have much success!lost after half hour of playing,had J Q,got Q on flop,player before me bet,I push all in,he pay with flush draw on flop my all in and ofcourse he didnt get flush,he got K on turn and I lost it!at 19:00 CET will be another freeroll,1000 e prize pool,so will see what will happen at this one!and 1,10 e buy in at 21:00!


See you on the boards , buddy , I'll play this tournament , I was a few days on TRIOBET but dont have success, but it bothers me to their tournaments are waiting a long time for an opinion,players waiting too long for bet or to fold

I played this tourney at 19-00 cet and out with QQ lose ws KK, i play this at 21-00h with 1 eur buy 500 gtg g.luck all Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar
Im curently at 3 place with 9 k chip, im doubled with lucky flush at river ws KK

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nice to see both of you at this site and this freeroll Thumbs Up !lost at this freeroll at 19:00 after some time and then I was at beer in town,so I unregister for 21:00 tournament with 1,10 e buy in!congratz for this win

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