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Just finished my first sit & go today on Stars, a 3.50$ 18 man turbo and took it down. was in top 5 most of the run until we got down to late 5 or 6 and then crushed souls and took out 3 of the last other runners to pick up the Win!

So form 3.50$ investment i take home 22.77$ for more than 19$ + in profit. hope this is a sign of how the day is going to run.

Good luck to all my fellow mobsters and may the table gods be your side today.

TheIrish77 out !

Nice now just cashed the Poker Cash Giveaway Hyper-turbo and am 7/114 at this point and should be crushing with a huge chip lead but lost some hands that shouldn't have lost but that's poker.

I haven't been able to cash in many of these ticket freerolls but today I'm running pretty well so far and this could be a good boost to the BR.

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Keep playing as many as you can today, since you are running hot.
Nice result, that first place finish must have been a great psychology booster Smile
Good luck to your next games, with more final table finishes.

Ended up cashing in 15th for 1.00$ free money always good money.

Hope to take down some other sit & go's before i call it quits today.


I do not think you'd stop playing until you go in favor , today 's your lucky day exploit it to the maximum , charged to your account as long as you're lucky Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
I wish you all the best

@ Vaci - I sometimes do this where I play really well and walk away for some reason. i can't figure out why but hope to be able to play more consistently and thus making more $$$$.

Just cashed another MTT when I finished bubble boy to the final table in a 0.27c Hyper-Turbo. Ended up 7/944 for a win of 4.29 and profit of 4.02 since I didn't use any rebuys t all for this one.

Time for bed then party time tomorrow for a wedding for one of my girlfriends friend.

Goodnight all

TheIrish out!

Well done once again TheIrish on continuing what appears to be a very profitable and successful period of time in your poker life. Make sure that you aren't sneakily playing poker at the wedding as it will no doubt cause wedding wars and they are not the nicest of things. Enjoy the day and come back refreshed for another day.

Quite not bad it turns out... And on WSOOP it will be possible to try to play. To so hold TheIrish77, you have desires to play such tournaments in difference from me, in particular on Poker Stars. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


well done TheIrish77 I do not doubt you, and I knew that by the end of the day take a few more dollars , that's why I said you will not stop until you're lucky with you Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

congrats dude ... the first place always deserves respect .. this is not something that is here on the forum people boast that just hit the money ... but ... the man won 20 bucks about the same as you and I can .. it is time to begin to describe their victory? maybe it is time to

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