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Just wanted to know if any of my other fellwo Mobsters take a shot at this league and play consistently?

I have been playing this a bit more seriously the past week or so and have seen soem dramatic improvement in these tournaments.

Just in the past 6 days I have now finished in the top 100 3 times and top 50 twice with a 2nd place under my belt.

I'm sitting around the top 1000 in the league currently and would get a payout of 2.50$ for all my efforts. With the positive results i've been seeing I can see myself making a few more very deep runs in these league games.

If I can continue racking up the points like I have this week and I may be able to push toward the top 40-60 in the league and get a bigger payout closer to 7.50-10.00$

Well hope everyone has fun today on the tables and reports some hug wins!

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I see some crazy number of participants. And you are talking about league.
Does it really worth playing these tournaments for many hours to get the prizes you
are mentioning? 40-60 just for up to 10?
It may worth the efforts for a top 10 finish in the league Smile so good luck hitting that one.

I use to play it regularly but last time i did is in March. 2016. In the screen picture enclosed you will notice that i made top 500 and stop playing on Mar.19th.

You are making very deep run however you also have many minus which are very bad for leaderboard rank.

My strategy in this game is playing very tight in the early game playing only very big hand like A A - K K or Q Q folding everything else.

The4n when the field goes down the i wider my range this IMO is a very good way to minimise big minus.

I agree it is not very funny to play this kind of game but it works for me. Smile Smile

I wanted to give that tournament a go this month but then my wedding season begun and had to postpone it for the next month, i know what will happen, since this tournaments are donkfests, with 8K players playing it all the time, so holding on would be the key in those donkfests, staying in for as much as possible...
Donno ill give it a try, aldou i kinda dont like it to begin with Big Smile ahhhhhh at least 2-3 times wont hurt Big Smile

I played four games at the start of the month and got as high as top 200 in the overall leaderboard through solid play. No minus points at all...... Minus points are bad for this league. I haven't had chance to play any more since then so must play at least one more before the end of the month to qualify for even $1 winnings... But hopefully I can push higher than that. The main reason to play this event is to get top place in the leaderboard. That's where the money is. Good luck y'all.

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