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Hi all
just wondering is there anyway to get bonuses if u already have a play money account at those site...
i know it says u cant get bonuses but when i started out i was dumb n d/l every poker platform i could lay my hands on n started playing without depositing for fun...
that was until i ran into the best site in the world BANKROLLMOBBB but now i cant request no deposit bonuses for most because i already have an account stupid of meeee to open so many accounts b4 Angry Sad Sad

so admin is there anywayyy i can get these bonuses?? Confused Confused Confused Confused

Posted by eaziabi:
until i ran into the best site in the world BANKROLLMOBBB

Thank you Big Smile

Unfortunately it doesn't change anything Sad As much as we would love to be able to disregard the "no playmoney account!"-rule, it's not a rule that's setup by us. If you already have an account at the pokersite, most pokersites then don't want to pay / issue free money to get your account "again", if you know what I mean. There's probably some sites, if they really want realmoney players, where you can convince them to close your playmoney account and let you open a new account through any of our no deposit offers at BankrollMob, but I'm afraid that's about all you can hope for.

But of course, I really doubt you have an account at EVERY site out there Big Smile And while you might already have an account at the sites we currently offer bonuses for, maybe the next site we get will be new to you. Nothing much than to just wait and make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter (which everybody is unless they unsubscribe manually), so you will receive information about new free offers.

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