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well i think i play this hand good what u think guys.

well you had standard open raise, and 2 callers... flop come all low cards with 2 clubs, you fire first barrel, and you got both of them calling... now what would you put your oponents on? first player clearly in most of the time have over cards or flush drow, so he is calling, second player that is on BB could have anything, so he could easy hit pair, or even two pair on that flop, but he shouldnt scare you because you got him covered by lot... now turn comes K you bet oponent call... Now thats call of your second barrel, and rarely players would call you with nothing 2 times... and when third club came on river, you did right by checking, and when he shoved you could assume that he got his FD compleated and somehow escape with few chips more... but you have very good pot odds for your call... I would suggest you that from early positions you raise your aces little bit more pre flop...thats my opinion

you're right man, if i raise more he might not paid the raise

Your big mistake was the flat call on the flop. Kill the hand there and then with a big re-raise that makes the big hand fold and isolates the all in guy.

AA rarely plays well three handed and I think it was clear you were behind by the river.

That said, I DON'T like your check on the river. My reason is, the guy is going to raise you pretty much all in regardless as you have tried to make yourself weak, whilst being weak. You have no idea at this point where you are in the hand.
If you think you are ahead, shove it in and make him make the decision. I don't think you thought you were ahead by this point and just made a crying call.

BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » AA VS 2 PLAYERS.

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