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... Big Smile< So the other day I won a $5 Sports Bonus from the Footy Forecast...! You have to wager $15 to free it up... You can use it to bet,...if you lose it's gone,...and nothing comes from your account...!

... Big Smile< Anyway, the pic below you can see just how nicely things worked out... I placed 3 consecutive bets over the last 3 days and turned the original $5 into over $18... Big Smile

... Big Smile< Anybody else make a little profit yet...? Only a few tries left...! Smile

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I have not been to lucky to this game i won only once and the card gave me a $5.50 poker ticket which i played and won noting out of it.

Today i wanted to bet the pick of the day Wales to go in final so i went on Party Sport made a $5.00US bet and they told me that my account was in Can. funds and i had to change with customer services.

I did not make the change and the bet was cancelled so i saved money since Portugal won. Big Smile Big Smile


... Big Smile< Get your funds changed to US makes things a lot easier....! ...and get an InstaDebit account.... The benefits are big...!!!

... Big Smile< Anyway..... I won a $5.50 ticket TOO, I played a round of The Jab,....with not a BAD result... Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

My Party Poker account is in U.S. i don't understand why Party Sport told me that.

The other day i ask InstaDebit if i could open a U.S. funds account and they told me no the exchange is done on each transaction. Question Question Question

A very nice return for you and well done. It's always nice to bet with free money and even better when you win. I havent been very lucky myself with this offer but ots always nice to read about someone winning

For now i got 4-5 times 1$ SNG hero tickets 3 times 5.50$ ticket and one time 5$ sport bonus (and i bet it on odds 2.10 and lose it but then i got 5.50$ ticket for losing a bet with odds over 2.00 Smile )
Well maybe today will be some bigger price for portugals wins last night.

wow I congratulate you people with good intuition ... maybe I should try to participate in it? ... but my intuition leads me ... on this site I do forecasts and still can not get to win prizes ... probably bet on sport is just not my thing ... but I will try to guess the course .... there are only 2 games in evro2016 and suddenly I get them to guess? ... may be

You managed to get a profit there and thats the best thing of course.
And you did that by betting on Portugal with your lat bet.
Wise choice. Most went for draw or with Wales like me and lost Smile

Hey verry nice, gratz for your winnings! It seems you are on fire with bettin tips and perhaps you can build a large bankroll in the next time starting with 5 bucks. And the best was, you can betting without a risk.

Me Demodawgyy,...
I had two free bets for 5 euro at 888 poker,...
I bet on the game belgium/wales.....
Belgium wins,.....i get 4,50 euro....
And i bet also on wales to win 5 euro Big Smile Made 21 euro and was straight in my pokeraccount,...
To use sooo that was a nice value wise promo Worship Worship Worship

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