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... Big Smile< ...I've only seen The Deal Jackpot window pop up only ONCE since the new version started 6 or 7 weeks ago... The person took a shot at the jackpot,...but only won one of the lesser prizes...!

... Big Smile< AS you can see,...nobody has won it yet...! It never used to go more than a few days or a week kinda thing before somebody got a shot at it...! Obviously a lot of folks are NOT playing it...!

... Big Smile< This tells me that if you happen to be in on it when somebody connects, will win BIG cash for your share... Maybe even one or 2 hundred dollars... Shock Thumbs Up Dollar

... Big Smile< How many times has anybody else seen it pop up...?

I use to be on Full Tilt a lot before the merge playing freeroll to get coins. But now i go there only once a day to play the deal and never saw anybody taking a shot on the jackpot.

Right now i still have coins t play it a few days only and i don't play money to make some more coins so when i wont have anymore coins it will be by Tilt coins eater. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

at full tilt poker was much easier, because besides need to play only one coin, there were still several freerolls worth coins and then everyone had a lot of coins.
After the merge, you need to 7 coins to play and win these coins is much more difficult now.
really, when someone wins, the division will be wonderful. I hope to be among the winners

Cool Cool Cool

We need Russian software hacking deal technology to discard right two cards and It's rigged I used 130 coins at 7 coins deal today and biggest win was a straight for a $1 I think Amaya Scrooge rake whore is waiting for Christmas to deal out the deal jackpot Evil Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

Edited by vic75 (23 July 2016 @ 03:29 GMT)

Yesterday saw this post reminded me that there is Points on PokerStars / Full Tilt ... I wish I had not read it (((in total I had 10 attempts to win something ... as a result of the maximum that I exhaustively this one couple !!! ONE !!!! it was very sad to watch ... well ... these points by themselves, and I have not used, but still like the sad))

It looks like they have turned this game to a complete disaster Smile
The whole Christmas thing vic is mentioning, reminds me of our Joker game (like lotto with 5+1)
which every time on holidays like Christmas, New Years Eve and Easter, it has a jackpot
over and over again, till it gets absurdly high.
Random huh? Smile

I don't think the jackpot has been won has it since stars and full tilt amalgamated? I still generally find myself playing every day, but hoping that it doesn't get won in the space when I haven't played for more than 12 hours. I guess I could hop on over there right now and give it a twirl. Wish me luck.... I may need it.

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