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The page has some serious issues for quite some time now.
It was about 20 minutes down earlier.
Used a couple of these sites : isitdownforme etc Smile and it wasnt only me.
Now the pages are taking for ever to load. I cant post Smile

probably some maintenance works... or some nasty hackers are trying to take over brm and influx all the legit posts with hardcore gangbang porn... all that we can do now is just wait and hope that the situation will be solved and things will be back to their regular state.

It is too early for maintenance and the pages still take awfully long time to load,
so this is not the case.

Edited by Mober (26 July 2016 @ 19:53 GMT)

All fine here. Pages do load at decent speed, and no loss of connections lately. Did you try to delete the cache of your web browser? Sometimes with such issues the problem sits there on not on the server.

It happen to me very often around 22:00 EDT that i am loosing the site and when i try to come back it says not available at the moment.

Then after around 15 min. it comes back and no trouble this is probably time of maintenance.

It is the only small problem i had with this site. Smile Smile

Sometimes stuff is slow....... And sometime stuff is super slow....... Other times stuff is quick and other times stuff is normal speed. Other times stuff don't move at all.... That's because it is either broken or being fixed. This is life. Love it and live it. Don't complain about it just accept that life moves at different speeds and so do we.

Love BRM Always!

members are right,brm had problems with page,you couldnt log in or open forum,even he open main page!its not like they work on page and close page for some time,beacuse of maintains on evening saturday/sunday!but hey worked this for some time,it was arround 21 CET time!

I was at the forum yesterday at this time,i did not notice anything unusual that is happening,everything was fine ,everything worked well,also through mobile phone i logged,no problems on the forum,opened the door via mobile there was no problem,but i not receive any award Angry

If you were here the same time then you would have noticed the problem,
since the site was down for every one and not just me.
When it came up it had delays on loading the page for some time.
Now everything is back to normal.

Could be server issues, could be an occasional DDoS attack (every popular site on the web gets it at least once a year...)
This site is quite steady for a long time now, I don't think this was something of a big issue otherwise we would already know about it.

maybe some anonymous want to ruin BRM site and to take us free money and free bonuses Big Smile !ofcourse like others said,we would know if something big happend or there was problem with server or site!

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