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The ups and downs of poker...  +2   
Or more accurately in this case, the downs and ups...

Then a few hands later...

Closely followed by.....

Yes that is a kind of the game, ups and dons again and again. And this hand show us, that everything can happen in a poker game. But sometime it was unbelievable with which hands some player are playing and win.

It is definitely how you said it. From down to up.
And there it was another example why you are not slow playing the aces.
Got beaten by T9 Smile
I doubt you would have called there an all in preflop with these cards.

I the first example two set on the flop you never expect this and there is no way you would fold this hand.

The second one was a very lucky flop against two players with pocket pairs this made you a very nice pot.

The third one i am surprise that you got a little money from it with two aces on the board and he put some money on it good for you.

For sure poker is a game of up and down always expecting to have more up than down. Big Smile Big Smile

Nothing unusual. I would probably be more careful with the pocket 2's - even after the full house - this hand has burned on my nails way too many times both online and off...
Hope you had a great time during the rest of the tourney.

Interesting hands. I was sitting with a split mind between the villain in the first hand having an A or a pair of threes. The worst hand came out. Luckily you had him covered and lived to play on. In the other two, dontcha just love it when a pot odds inspired hand comes good on the flop against two big pairs...... In the third.... Could you have got more money out of your opponent?

What a run of hands they were and at least you made a tidy profit in the end. The first hand must have been very tilting and that was, truly, a very sick hand. The second hand you got very lucky on the flop but you deserved a bit of luck after that first hand

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