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I testify. Blink

That was pretty intense. After 2 hours of bad beats and coolers I was down 6 buy ins at 1c/2c PLO cash games. I wasn't really tilted but a bit annoyed and feeling impatient so I decided to say f**k BR management and went on 10/25c table thinking to myself "Im gonna play my A game".

After only 2 hands on the table I get dealt AAQQ double suited on the BB. The whole table limps to my BB. I bet the maximum I can (2$). Some small stack reshoves (2,38$). Everyone calls except 2 guys but most of them only had about 15$ in their stacks except one guy who had 25$ just like me. I couldn't reraise because the shove was too small so I had to call the 38 cents. Flop is 8 4 3 with 2 diamonds and gives me nut flush draw, its checked to me so I bet a large bet obviously with 2 overpairs and nut flush draw. Pretty much everyone ends up all in, one guy had KK (Idk what he was doing there at this point), one guy had 34(same here), one and 5567 (with a full 25$ stack) and other small stack had some crap I forgot. Somehow I miss all my outs for that nice 125$ pot and the guy with 5567 (the only one that had me covered) makes a straight. So I reload and keep playing my A game, trying not to tilt, knowing I did the right play there with 40% chance to win a 5way pot (pre flop and on the flop).

Some Ukrainian maniac joins the table and starts raising/reraising everytime he can and laughs at people when he wins a pot. He had success at first, doubled up and played VERY VERY loose. But at some point I realized that he seemed to shut down a lot after the flop when he doesnt hit and gets called once. After a while, I knew that he thought I was tight so I just abused this guy post flop when he checked the flop, and reraised him a lot when he did cbet. Kept throwing tomatoes at him and loling when he folded to get in his head. He ended up tilting and not believing me when I had the nuts, and reloaded like 5 times. Left the table with 125$.

Just because a session starts in a very bad way doesn't mean it can't end well if you stay disciplined, keep making rational choices and pay attention to details Smile I know I could've lost my whole BR because of bad management, but don't forget I made it all from a free 1$ blast ticket hehehe. Probably gonna cash out soon. Smile

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Well done to you on hanging on in there and believing in your own ability. If you can ride out the storm, you will often see results turn around. It comes down to patience and faith in your game. Well done again to you

wow nice story

yes, mindset is one of the main factors that turn a player in a winning one.

Never tilt or at least when you recognize some of your tilt alerts just shot everything down and do something else Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

You had a nice run there, but as you said yourself you deiced to disregard the
bankroll management. This can lead to a disaster some times when you are on tilt.
Glad that it didnt happen now and you made a nice profit. Now go back to 1c games Smile

Thanks guys Smile

Mober --> I wasn't on tilt but I was tired to see bad plays being rewarded and wanted to play real poker. Atleast people know how to fold at this level Blink

Being on tilt (to me) means you let your emotions dictacte your actions. It wasn't the case here, I just decided to gamble my BR knowing I only had about 3 buy-ins at this level. But I was playing pretty tight, value betting with the nuts or huge draws mostly Blink

Great story TheMachine..... Intense reading and a happy ending...... For you at least.

Just one observation I would like to share with everyone..... Something I was taught some time ago, but sometimes forget (your story is a timely reminder). Whenever you sit down to play poker, make sure you play your A game. Anything less is just wasting time and money.... Both of which are yours!

You were able to maintain a level head under the excruciating and thrilling roller coaster experience like that. Very well played.

“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you've lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that's good.”
-- Elizabeth Edwards

Well if you were not in tilt then its all good. But since the game is PLO, dont expect
it to be a real game at this level either.
It doeasnt happen with the same frequency but it does.
You can find players, playing exactly the same way as 1c games.
Dont stay in that table, when you spot them. Losing in these limits hurts more Smile

Just played another little pot limit omaha session at 2c/5c, came in with 5$ and left with 32,25$ Smile

I got lucky once with second nut flush draw and AA against a set of J getting my flush on the river, but the rest of the hands I was just getting paid with the nuts Smile It was a pretty easy game. Running good!

Gl on the tables mobsters

Of course the story is very interesting ... I wonder it is all true, or have a fantastic moments in it))) I do not like playing in Omaha and I find it hard to judge the reality of the situation ... but it seems like it's mostly true

In 5 up to 10 cents blinds, you can get good results, if you manage to find a good table.
In big sites is not that hard. You take a look the the average pot per table and then you jump in to have a go.
If it hits too high of an average pot in omaha and even more in H/L, it is too much of a lotto game.
Keep up the good results.

After 3 losing sessions in a row my bankroll at 888 was down 30% so I decided to take a stab at a 0.25/50c PLO table. Basically the opposite of bankroll management with only 2 buy ins. Kind of like a roulette strategy. Lol just kidding Blink

I folded for like 10 hands then got 101044, table was very aggro so I didn't have to raise. I flopped a set of 4, opponent bluffed with ace high flush draw and I got my full house so it was an easy 50$ double up. Luckily he didn't have top set, would've been a cooler and eventhough it didn't look risky it could have been. Don't do this with your BR unless you're ready to lose it all though, especially PLO is a very swingy game and I know I have a bigger edge playing hold'em but whatever Blink

GL mobsters

You may have a bigger edge in holdem, but if you are making a few good sessions, with
fast wins playing omaha, then why not.
The goal is to score some money, regardless if you like the specific game or not.
Cause i dont think you play for just pleasure Smile

I should have met you like b4 i lost like 5-6 Br i had, while running bad and made the genious decision to go up in stakes like you Big Smile only in my case no matter the good decisions and patience i had, i continued to run bad, some of the worst bad beats i have seen since i am playing this game, so i found a clip on youtube on BRM i decided to follow it, and till this day i can only say i will never ever go bust if i just keep to this BRM Big Smile Big tnx to the guy who posted the video, that prevented me to loose more BR of mine Big Smile

Posted by SBEP:
I should have met you like b4 i lost like 5-6 Br i had, while running bad and made the genious decision to go up in stakes like you Big Smile only in my case no matter the good decisions and patience i had, i continued to run bad, some of the worst bad beats i have seen since i am playing this game, so i found a clip on youtube on BRM i decided to follow it, and till this day i can only say i will never ever go bust if i just keep to this BRM Big Smile Big tnx to the guy who posted the video, that prevented me to loose more BR of mine Big Smile

Lol, you're absolutely right! It's always a risk when you choose to not respect bankroll management. And I don't recommend doing it to anyone either, I was just telling a story that ended well for once. Because just like you I have lost small BRs in the past doing this. But sometimes, I have a hard time playing my A game for pennies so going up in limits actually improves my decisions. Besides, under 100$, it's not like you're risking a limb Big Smile

I think that everyone has busted some bankrolls, for not following this rule.
I know i did Smile
You just need to have self control and stick o it.
Better to go slow and steady, recovering all your losses, than speeding it up by
increasing the levels.

Hehe, I just did the same thing on partypoker this time... Played some 2c/4c, tripled up to 12$ with the nuts and then clashed with another big stack aggro maniac when I had top 2 pair and a king high flush draw. Guy only had bottom pair and some runner runner straight draws and actually managed to hit it without me hitting my flush or full house. Guy was a total donk betting pot every street but he was very lucky so I just left the table. Hard to play against a lucky donk.

Then I went on 12c/25c table, and won a 60$ pot on the first hand I played against 2 aggro guys with AKQ9 double suited. All in pre flop after a raise and a reraise (they were doing that every hand) against K886 with only 1 suit... he somehow shoved over my4bet with that, lol. Very bad PLO hand IMO. Anyways, I'm done trying to understand what's going on in these people's heads Blink Then I flopped the nut flush on the next hand and the same guy bet the pot on the flop so I left the table with a nice profit of 60$ in 2 hands. lol

Edited by TheMachineQC (16 September 2016 @ 04:02 GMT)

You sure get lucky so far every time you hit higher tables.
It looks like you will keep doing this, since it works nicely for you.
And you are a hit and run player Smile which in this case is very good, after getting paid in
higher limits. with such pots.

Oh well, it doesn't always pay! I just played a little session on a 15c/25c table with a full stack. After only 6-7 hands I get dealt KKQ10 with 1 suit. 2 limpers I raise to max.

Flop is 10j3 rainbow. 1 min bet, 1 caller, I bet 5,25$ (pot size bet). Better folds, caller raises to 17$ with KJ55. I shove obviously, he calls (...? wasnt he bluffing?)

Anyways, turn is a 7 and river is another J... 4 outter in PLO, don't see that too often Disagree Usually people actually have draws or something. He only had 2 jacks and 2 5s to win.

Just had a good little session, managed to double up a 25$ stack on party with K446s, flop was K43 with 2 diamonds. There was a maniac at the table pot size betting every time he could so I just let him do his thing, I knew he didn't have top set since he was BB and didn't reraise pre flop.

He had K43 too, I got a small diamond flush on the turn (didn't need it) and then we both rivered a full house with another 3 but mine was stronger 44433 against KK333. He only had 1 out, the remaining king, if it wasn't folded Big Smile Great spot for me!

It paid once more i see Smile
When you have players playing all their hands like this, they are gonna pay you at some point.
There is no doubt about that. You just play along and letting them do their usual stuff,
surprising them on show down Smile Thumbs Up

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