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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and haven't been playing much lately as work has come back into play for me recently but my first day back and things are going quite well. Sitting 2nd after the add-on stage of the Flyweight 750$ GTD 6 Max. Have 2 bullets to my name and 2 add-ons so not much invested so far.

Playing super poker atm and making some things happen due to Big Stack bullying (It's the only type of bullying I will endorse!)

Break almost over and want to settle back in for focused run at this title. over 218$ usd up top so it would be a great add to the Banroll which was nothing until today as I looked in my account and there was the leaderboard payout for BRM!!! As always BRM is the best ,

Wish me luck and rail if you want.

I'll be back with update maybe quite a bit later

wow cool, very noice! good luck on the grind, keep us informed , we always like to hear about other mobster's success!! I hope you hit that final table, are you playing the 888 brm freeroll tonight? The one of the leaderboard i mean. the best wishes and stay focused and play with good hands, cya good bye! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

Hey Ingrind, how you doing buddy? Hope all is well in the Dutch land.

Yeah getting ready to play the BRM leaderboard as we speak on 888. Never been a huge fan of their site and software but if i can do well in the Leaderboard and make some cash then I'll give er another go I guess.

Good luck and look forward to possibly seeing you on the felt.

Update on Flyweight 750 gtd. Currently 9/32 with top 30 getting paid out. So at least i'll profit if i can hang on and not do anything stupid

congrats dude ... second place is certainly not ipervoe but also very good !!! and I was in PP unlucky for some reason ... maybe it's just not my room? Winnings of course I happen but when I try and continue to rise to some sort of large numbers of money at once begins and reverse the loss goes for losing

Down to the last 10 ladies and gentlemen!!!!

Currently 1/10 and playing really well atm.

WIsh me luck!!!


2/6 And looking to win it all.

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It is great to hear that you were doing quite well on this tournament, TheIrish77. You were in the 2nd position when 6 players remained. That looked promising.
We look forward to hearing many more great deals about your success sometime soon.

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TheIrish...... It's great to see that after a work induced break you are back at the tables and smashing it as usual. How did you get on in that last tourney? Did you hold out for the win or did you get rolled over by some inane and useless hand that had you banging your fists for a minute? Keep us posted its always great to hear of your successes.

have to admit that i still believe in the fact that you are on the right track in your path to glory, being back on the grind just shows that if you put enough effort in whatever you are doing will eventually deliver a set of results that will be positive in all the possible ways.

nice prize pool for only 1,10 $ and very good first prize over 200 $!so dont know how this finished,we dont have update from you!at least you were in first six and hope that you didnt lost chips,especially beacuse you were at second position!

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