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G'day mates

It has been awhile since I have played any poker.
Just have not felt well enough to play cards or really do much of anything.
Today however I am going to play in a BRM freeroll on Party.
It just started I hope to see a few of you there.
be cool

Ronin Cool


... Big Smile< Howdy pardner...! Haven't seen you around these parts for a wee spell...! Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< I'm watching Nascar at New Hampshire ( not a particularly exciting track ) and am debating whether or not to get in on the hardcore mobbit action myself... Smile

... Big Smile< Good luck dude...! Thumbs Up

You will probably see many familiar players there, like pinotte Smile
It has been a while since i last saw you here.
So it may as well be a lucky return, in poker tables by finishing in the money.
Welcome back and good luck.

Hey Ronin..... How you doing? Haven't seen or heard from you for ages. I played the game last night but didn't see you. How did it go? Hope you haven't lost your touch. I find that sometimes when I don't feel up to doing anything I get my head to say.....'awwwww! Just fcuk it! I'm gonna play like this is my last game ever and really focus and enjoy it and I find it takes all the worries and issues away!'

Best wishes and stay positive.

Really nice to see you back on the forum Ronin and i hope that you are feeling well again and you can get back to your oldself. I know through first hand experience about illness and i hope you can come through this.

well just as ronin i have also haven't played poker in some time and a few months more, so when i accidentally bumped into this post at the time when this brm party poker freeroll was going on on full steam, i decided to jump onboard and managed to play a single hand before going out... great experience...

Welcome back to the bankrollmob forum RoninHarper! Did you do well yesterday?

This tournament is definetly one of my favourite freerolls out there, especially because of the relatively small player field and decent structure.

Hope to see you there again in the future my friend!

See you

G'day mates

Thank you for all the kind words.
I did not have a good run at all.
I was totally card dead for the first hour or more.
Once I finally got some semi decent whole cards (pocket jacks) the idiot russian at the table who had shoved all in preflop for like 8 stright hands shoved all in preflop again.

i looked at my pocket jacks and said "screw it let the pain end". I called as did another player after me and he had pocket Aces and his Aces held up.
I was never so glad to be taken out of a tourny before.
It was just so painful being so card dead right from the start.

Hope other did much better then I did.
Wishing you all the best

Ronin Cool

I dont like pockets J's at all. I do a very passive play with them. I call minimum blinds, check
and fold. I have lost so many times with them that its ridiculous.
With lower pocket pairs i have much better results.
But, thats just me Smile

Godd luck in your next games ronin.

Welcome back, RoninHarper.
You have been working hard all the time, so you definitely deserve to have some fun time. We look forward to hearing many more great deals about your success sometime soon. Good luck with your games.

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