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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially forum marqis 4th, sammybeyo 12th, Damosk 15th and my friend Kidcougars 17th,

Like usual i played it and did nothing good again this week Confused Confused Confused Maybe next one.


... Big Smile< ...I came... Smile

... Big Smile< ...I played a few hands... Smile

... Big Smile< ...THEN... Shock

... Big Smile< ...I got clobbered BAD trying to pull off the bluff of the century... Confused

... Big Smile< ...ONE day it WILL be a bubble FULL of mobbits...! Big Smile

My first game at this for some weeks if not months and I manage a 15th place finish (disappointed I have to say) and a nice little $3.50. Felt I could and should have done better. As it is, I was lucky enough to sit next to (after) Ice Queen Ace for a good chunk of the game, but was unable to chat due to the system I was using to play (apologies IQA, ) and I think I caused huge demoralisation when my pocket 8's beat her QJ on a board of JJ8K8. I stole about half of her 6000 stack and she never seemed to recover from there (Soz again!).

Well done to the other cashers, see y'all next week!

Didnit play much last night and again didnt have lot of will for playing!player for 10,15,got some cards,tried to pay bets,on river we finished in all in and lost with three of kind!congratz to all and see you next week,if I dont go on trip!

This was a pretty good result for me. It's just the last hand that was a bit unfortunate. Having flopped trips, I was able to get all the money in, only to be beaten by a runner runner straight...

Congrats to all forum regs ITM!

I doubled up on the first hand with 106 suited with a straight + flush draw vs AA...

A couple of hands later I pick up AK, there's a limp, a x2 raise and a bunch of calls so I decide to make a huge overbet raise to 1k, knowing I'm never folding post flop if they call. I could've shoved but it's like saying "I got AK", lol. 2 guys call, one had crap other one had AQ, flop brought a Q so I was just hoping to have 2 overs but I didn't and that was it for me. I chose to commit myself to that AK so I had to live with it Blink I was trying to represent AA or KK but the guy obviously didn't believe me lol

GG guys

Another good result for all forum regulars, with marqis hitting the best prize.
I dont see pinotte or demo in this one, so i guess they are saving it for next week to
replace the others Smile
Congratulations to all and better luck next time.

My sincere congratulations to all the follow forumites who got in the money in the weekly $200 freeroll at PartyPoker and commiserations to those who did not this time. Wishing the best of luck on all those who will be participating in the tournament on next Sunday.

Well done to all the people who cashed in the weekly freeroll. There were quite a few regulars cashing which was nice to read. This tournament payout is quite high for a freeroll, so to make the money is very worthwhile

many congratulation for each and every regular bankrollmob forum regular stalker who took part in this party poker brm freeroll on september the 25th and managed to get some sort of monetary reward for their breathtaking efforts. it's always great to see fellow mobpoint whores doing well on the streets.

this sunday we had more regular member at payout from sundays freeroll and its nice to see that!maybe some people will be good next sunday,but will be nice to see more and more regulars every week which taking money,especially from final tables!

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