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Brunson vs Selbst On Twitter Over US Election

As the US Election draws near, it is the norm that people's opinions will tend to clash, but this online argument between two highly-recognized personalities in the pro poker community is really something else - a politically-driven discussion on Twitter last September 22 has quickly escalated into a personal one between three-time WSOP bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst and Poker Hall of Famer Doyle [...]   Read more » Brunson vs Selbst On Twitter Over US Election

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Brunson vs Selbst On Twitter Over US Election  0   
well that's politics for you all... all that it does is make people enemies to each other and then after the "war" is over it doesn't really matter who wins, since the outcome is more or less the same- you have to pay up your taxes and watch the government apparatus grow to even more unprecedented levels, together with government spending a national debt. different faces, same feces.

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Well Doyle has a point about Hillary, but the talk was about politics not the poker, so this offence came pretty random from him. But I guess if you have played poker for oulmost whole your life, its the only thing you talk about Big Smile

Not that surprising. This election cycle has two candidates running, that get the opposite camp steaming, and rightly so. Clearly better than another Bush vs Clinton brawl, like everyone expected going into 2015.

... Big Smile< ...The first thing that comes to mind whenever I see Trump is....: ...Is it physically possible to stick your head up your own A$$ and pull it out back your mouth...?

... Big Smile<... The hypothesis works out in theory and evidently proven as fact by the very presence of that cosmological anomaly Donald J. Trump... Confused Big Smile


... Big Smile< ...A MUST see,....especially for our Russian friends here.... Shock

... Big Smile< Trump and Putin lovers you know...!

... Big Smile< ....ahahahahahahhahaAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAHHHAahhhahahaahaaaa...!

Edited by demodawggy (28 September 2016 @ 21:39 GMT)

Doyle Brunson, age 83, is a ten-time WSOP bracelet winner and two-time WSOP main event champion.
I always remember when I come Branson 2 and 10

demodawggy 9/28/2016 9:27:38 PM GMT
A MUST see,....especially for our Russian friends here.... Shock
Trump and Putin lovers you know...!
I want to finally beat Trump United States finally ceased to roll up hysterics at any possible occasion because of Russia ... that there was a world war

Edited by pajalnick (29 September 2016 @ 06:23 GMT)

This election is becoming really divisive and there will be a lot more arguments to come over the next few weeks. You would have laid huge odds on Donald Trump being president not so long ago but it will be interesting to see who comes out on top


... Big Smile< ...Trump has been glorifying dictators like Putin, the question Colbert asked him was...:

" What does Vladimir Putin's d**k (penis) taste like...?"

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This is one of the most stupid things out there.
I cant stand it when i see or hear about some people, like politicians,
saying or arguing in a twitter account, facebook or etc.
And it happens here too.
You hear it all the time on tv and it is so annoying and frustrating at the same time.

So! People have differing views on politics and the people involved in politics, and this IS NEWS? Well, I suppose what it really means is there is not a gat deal else going on I. The world and therefore the chance to read or listen to what two poker players have got to say about the US presidential run in makes me feel relatively safe!

... Big Smile< He's one helluva goofy lookin' bastard to me...! Come on ladies,....would ya really kiss those lips that look like a horses ass-hole puckering up for a big poop...? And look at those cold cruel eyes...!

... Big Smile< He's made a TOTAL mockery of the process and of the most important office in all the world... A f'n clown show he's turned the election into...!

... Big Smile< He reminds me of that pompous buffoon, Benito Mussolini, more than Hitler actually,... Maybe if he gets elected the American people will hang him upside down by the balls like a cow's carcass in an abbatoir, they did to Mussolini in the town square......! Thumbs Down Tongue

... Big Smile< He's a dangerous and delirious lunatic...!

... Big Smile< STAY the fk out of Canada Trump... Thumbs Down Angry

Edited by demodawggy (30 September 2016 @ 21:58 GMT)

Could not really care about either of these players, I think they maybe have money and good fortune but clearly damaged their brain during the process of getting both if they could catfight over political nonsense and go personal after this...
Any candidate will win this November its a shame that he/she gets elected. Crooked sociopaths on both sides.


... Big Smile< Go Google the Clinton Global Initiative...

... Big Smile< Then go Google how that parasite Trump enriches ***HimSELF*** from HIS bogus charity... Thumbs Down

... Big Smile< Hey DONNY.... Go hang yourself moron...!!!

quite low from selbst. early days she seemed fairly level headed. maybe all her glory has gone to her head. Brunson wasn't really attacking anyone in particular and just saying he was backing trump. cool, each to their own. but selbst takes exception to this and personally attacks Brunson over his 'political view' which is apparently meant to be FREEDOM OF CHOICE. and ahe wants to be accepted as a lesbian and a woman yet doesn't take kindly to someone elses views/choices etc

About two weeks ago, Donald Trump's odds of winning US presidential election were around 2.50 at William Hill. Currently Donald Trump's odds to beat Hillary Clinton are 3.25. A lot can change between now and election day, November 8, 2016.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (01 October 2016 @ 12:56 GMT)

Go Selbst!!! Aww crap!

I do not watch closely the candidates in us elections, but in my opinion,
this is the worst combination ever.
The choices they have, are from bad to worst Smile
And this will have an effect to the rest of the world, no matter what.

Come on Mober. These are the best of the best. Chosen by a sophisticated selection process by their parties, sometimes even fair. But in a two horse race, the end of thw world is always near, if the other guy wins.

do they have poker in north korea? that might be the safest place to be and you don't have to worry about politics....

Yea shokaku, best of the best lol. How come, you end up choosing these people to ran
a country like usa.
But what im talking about, right now, huh?
Like the ones we choose over the years here, are better.
Its like the saying same s**t different day, but in this case it is
same s**t different place, lol.

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