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888poker Signs Natalie Hof

Natalie Hof, a well-known TV presenter and accomplished poker player from Germany, is Team888's latest member! Hof will represent 888poker both live and online together with fellow ambassadors Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman, and Sofia Lövgren, just to mention few, and hopefully bring many more players to 888poker! "I'm very thrilled to be part of the 888poker team," said Hof who will play un[...]   Read more » 888poker Signs Natalie Hof

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This must be the dream job for any poker player. To be paid to play the game that they love must be great and if any big poker firm wants me, they can contact me on this forum!!!!

Wow. Pretty face from Germany!
Natalie Hof's 3-year contract with PokerStars ended recently. I am sure she will adapt quickly to the new working environment. She has got a bright future ahead of her.

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i just wonder what is the logic behind the new trend of hiring more female poker "pros" than male ones. sure it's always nice to see a pretty face (and hopefully some boobs as an added bonus), but maybe operators are trying to attract more women into gambling, tap into new wast lands?

well i dont get it at all, why anyone is hiring poker pros, sport or moviestars to play at their site. i definatly wouldnt start playing the game just because a certain person. im happy for her tho, shes likeable and roarrrrrrr damn hot.

Yeh! I saw this in one of those lovely social media sites where she appears in all her glory I a. Cute little video telling people about her new role and encouraging people to join in. I don't think she would convince me to play poker, but would happily spend a little time chatting to her and hopefully I would learn a few things.

Is it like the sign up season for the poker sites? Smile
The professional players get some extra money.I dont see how that works for the site though.
Never cared which professional plays in a site.
I believe it is the offers and returns that count, and not which pro plays where Smile

How come these new signed up ladies who are about to become 'ambassadors' of these poker websites never hideous looking nerdy mathematicians who playing poker for a living, rather than hosts, hostesses and tv-presenters with a portfolio ofbrand new headshots under their belt for 'other modelling works' meanwhile playing poker as a hobby???

pretty woman and engaged in what she likes and does this progress .... it's really great job ... I want to wish good luck to her .. and progress in the game and more of the best achievements in the tournament .... that's just probably not the best 888 choice ... and so this room is very steep and more players are unlikely to lead

how are u doing today guys ,how poker playin since i was not around for a few months .yup yur all playin good i hope u got a lot of achievement today good luck... Worship Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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Hey, trasher5000.
Thanks for posting a seemingly meaningful message. But I have no idea what you are referring to. Is there any way for you to restate your comment in English so that forum members can understand what you are talking about?

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Hey guys! 888 poker has signed this player I have never heard about. Is she good or is she just another "pretty face" female semi-professionnal poker player that's just getting sponsored because of her looks? Blink

It's funny how we don't see the real creative skilled players anymore, they're all playing high stakes cash games at macau :o

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